Memphis Crawl Space Repair With The DeepAdjust® System

Not all structural crawl space problems can be repaired using the same method. In some cases, when high levels of moisture are present throughout the year, Olshan combines steel pilings with SafeAdjust® support columns to provide a deeper level of foundation support.

We call this effective approach to crawl space recovery DeepAdjust®, since it combines the depth and strength of driven steel pilings with adaptable SafeAdjust® support columns, helping to restore sagging floors to proper condition.

As an added level of moisture protection; interior and exterior drainage solutions, moisture barriers, sump pumps, air exchange systems and crawl space encapsulation are available (if needed) in addition to the DeepAdjust® structural repair service.

crawl space before deepadjust

Crawl Space before DeepAdjust®

crawl space treated with deepadjust repair

Crawl Space after DeepAdjust®


  • Steel pilings are driven into the ground, to the point of refusal, punching through hard clay and rocky soils.
  • The 11 gauge steel SafeAdjust® Support Columns are custom-fit to your home at installation.
  • SafeAdjust® is adjustable, up or down, to adapt to changing conditions over time.
  • DeepAdjust® is specially designed to resist moisture, making it the ideal for changes in soil conditions and damp crawl spaces.
  • Quick, clean with minimal disruption.

DeepAdjust in Action

Deep Adjust Crawl Space Service

Typical Problems in Damp, Humid Crawl Spaces Include

  • Inadequate structural support
  • Deteriorating wood
  • Sagging or uneven floors
  • Insect and rodent intrusion
  • Moisture problems that lead to mold, mildew and other environmental problems

Weather Affected Zone

The earth beneath your crawl space consists of soil layers that consist of differing composition. Some of these layers consist of clay soils that shrink when dry and expand when wet. This causes stress on your foundation which may require repair.

Beneath these more “active” layers, lie more stable soils with consistent moisture content. Olshan’s DeepAdjust® foundation repair method penetrates deep below the surface and includes the flexibility of adjustable support columns, resulting in a durable repair, built to perform over time.

DeepAdjust Installation For Crawl Space Leveling

  1. To prepare the area, Olshan technicians illuminate the space, identify and prepare the installation area.
  2. Then, beams or wood frame supports are added.
  3. Pressed pilings are driven below the surface to the point of refusal providing deep support that is built to last.
  4. SafeAdjust® support bases are then added. A transition plate is placed above the piling and the support pads are installed on top.
  5. Finally, SafeAdjust® Columns are custom-modified to your home and adjusted to the correct setting. The structure’s reactions are then monitored, supervised and secured.

DeepAdjust® is often combined with exterior drainage services, such as a French Drain to help deter intrusive water from underneath the foundation. Sump pumps and moisture barriers also help improve indoor air quality by mitigating moisture.

crawl space services overview

SafeAdjust® support columns installed with battery back-up sump pumps, interior drainage and floor liner.

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