About Water Lock Plus: Our State of the Art Waterproofing Technology

The exclusive Water Lock™ Plus System helps keep basements dry. This gives you the confidence to reclaim valuable square footage for storage or living space.

  • The Only Dual Channel System
  • Upper Channel Includes Special Geotech Fabric
  • Open Channel Features Multiple Entry Points
  • Cast Iron Pump Expels 3,800 Per Hour

The System uses two channels to capture and remove water intruding into your home. One channel contains a special geotech fabric; the other is an open channel. This provides the best of both types of waterproofing systems in one.


WaterLock System - basement waterproofing subsurface dual drain system

The Water Lock™ Plus is installed alongside a modular composite drainage and collection system consisting of a multi-dimensional, high-flow, drainage core, wrapped with a non-woven filter fabric


The Water Lock™ Plus System’s Advantages

  • Water Lock™ Plus has more entry points than other systems to capture more water.
  • The geo composite fabric Water Lock™ pipe makes this a clog-resistant System.
  • The System sits on top of the footer away from dirt and gravel.
  • Requires concrete breakout only 6″-8″ wide.
  • The Water Lock™ pipe is sturdy and resists crushing.
  • The Water Lock™ Plus System can be seamlessly, custom fit to your home.
Color, shape and design of the Water Lock™ Plus drain can vary slightly from market-to-market or application.

The Water Lock™ Plus System can be combined with Exterior Water Management to provide wet basement repair and the ultimate water protection for your home.

Wall Shield enhances the Water Lock™ Plus System by adding an added level of moisture defense and sump pumps help discharge intrusive basement water away from the foundation.

Water Lock Plus Detail

Water Lock™ Plus: We’ve Got a “Lock” On It.

Only Olshan Foundation Solutions can offer you both our decades of experience and the superior technology of the Water Lock™ Plus System. Water Lock™ Plus provides the most effective water intrusion solution.

Key features and benefits:

Dual System: Water Lock™ Plus is a dual pipe system. The geo tech pipe acts as a filter while the outer pipe functions as a conduit for water—creating a clog-free system.

Custom Fit: The Water Lock™ Plus pipe can be custom fit to the dimensions of your basement without having to segment long walls.

Structurally Sound: The Water Lock™ Plus System typically requires only 6″-8″ concrete breakout leaving the footer intact. Also, the System sits on top of it to stay clean.