The Cable Lock ST Plus Installation Process

Performing our work is designed to be easy on you and your home.

surelock threaded on steel cable

Quick, clean and safe. Performed by our highly trained and experienced crew. Completed on time. And done right. Here’s how it works foundation repair with Cable Lock ST Plus™  works:

No matter which foundation repair option you select, our process will be quick, clean and safe. Our highly-trained crew will help you assess damage and determine the best way to proceed. Then, once they get started implementing the solution, they’ll work quickly and efficiently to ensure high quality without encroaching on your time.

  • Worksite is Safely and Carefully Prepared
  • Steel and Concrete Pilings are Driven with Cable Locking the System Together
  • Trained Personnel Direct the Repair Process





Work Site Preparation
We will relocate any plants from the work area. We then create access holes. Heavy plywood covers are placed over each hole for added safety.

Driving the Pilings
The Cable Lock™ ST Plus starter segments are pressed into the ground at each pre-determined location and subsequent inter-locking steel segments are threaded onto the cable and driven to the required depth and pressure. The number of steel segments varies based on soil conditions. In difficult soil conditions the steel sections can be “washed” into the ground using high pressure water to help gain greater depth or confirm end bearing.

Then a hybrid transition piece is placed atop the last steel segment and the first concrete cylinder is placed on top of the transition piece. The concrete segments are added onto the cable and driven into the ground to the point of refusal. A pile cap is then positioned on top of the last concrete cylinder and the entire system is locked together with the Cable.

Trained personnel direct the repair process while carefully monitoring the reactions of the structure. Upon completion, spacers are inserted on concrete blocks to support the building.

The top portion of the holes are then refilled with soil and any surface concrete breakthroughs are patched. Plants are replanted and the work areas, walks and driveway are cleaned, so that your home is left clean and tidy.When our crew leaves your home, you won’t find yourself with a mess or dangerous materials left in your yard. Instead you’ll be left with an unobtrusive system that will support your foundation and help prevent future damage.

Cable Lock™ ST Plus Installation

Our Trusted Restoration Process in Action

Restore & protect your home with Olshan. The  Cable Lock™ ST Plus installation process is usually completed in just 1-2 days.

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foundation repair installation process