Hybrid Piling System

The Depth of Steel and the Strength and Longevity of Concrete.

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For many years, the foundation repair industry has used steel pilings.
Or concrete pilings. Each has its advantages.

At Olshan, we never rest on our laurels. So we asked ourselves,
“What would happen if we combined the advantages of both?”

The answer: Olshan’s latest innovation. The breakthrough Hybrid Piling System.

Our patent pending Hybrid Piling System has become the leading foundation repair method available. Anywhere.

That’s because only Olshan Foundation Solutions can offer you both our seven decades of experience and the superior technology of the Hybrid Piling System for a better, stronger, more reliable foundation repair.


The Hybrid Piling Foundation Repair System’s Advantages

The earth beneath your home consists of several layers or strata that have different compositions. Some consist of clay soils that shrink when dry and expand when wet. This causes stress on your foundation and often results in its downward movement.

  • For starters, the Hybrid Piling System installs directly under the foundation of your home without the use of heavy equipment.
  • The steel segments provide added depth. The concrete sections offer greater bearing area which provides better support.
  • The larger diameter concrete cylinder provides more surface area for better support. The smaller diameter steel segments penetrate deeper into soils not affected by weather.
  • Hybrid Piling System penetrates deeper into tough soil conditions. Once a foundation repair piling is driven past the weather affected zone, it provides better support.
  • The combination of concrete and steel adds up to a repair that is deeper and stronger.

Simply put, Hybrid Piling System is the best of both worlds. Most installations are completed in one to two days.

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hybrid steel piling