Foundation Damage

The effects of weather cycles from dry to wet are easy to identify. You can see and hear the crunchy grass from the lack of rain. However, less obvious symptoms of weather shifts could be lurking under your house unnoticed. Seasonal weather changes change the soil under your home’s foundation by expanding and contracting to accommodate rising and falling moisture levels.

These soil shifts can cause foundation damage by causing it to settle or crack. An Olshan foundation repair specialist can help you determine the best way to assess and repair the damage.

Foundation Damage Factors

In addition to weather changes, there are other factors that can produce foundation damage. Poor drainage, trees and tree roots, and plumbing leaks all contribute to foundation problems. As the foundation cracks or settles, a domino effect of home repair issues will be set into motion.

Foundation damage can cause a multitude of problems including damage to underground plumbing, structural issues, damage to your home’s façade, insulation damage, ceiling cracks, and even roof leaks. Foundation issues can also create more dangerous headaches such as electrical dangers and loose or broken gas and water lines.

Solutions for Foundation Problems

By working with one of our foundation repair specialists, you can address issues and reduce foundation problems. Our process is quick and easy. The Cable Lock™ ST Plus Foundation Repair system helps prevent future foundation damage to save you the hassle and headache of costly home repairs down the road. Our system penetrates your soil at every level, even into the deepest layers of soil. Secured with concrete cylinders, the system won’t break down from moisture corrosion. We also offer an available lifetime transferable warranty to give you confidence that you are managing and preventing foundation damage with the best solution available.

Though foundation damage can be caused by many factors and result in many problems, the solution is simple. A certified repair specialist can inspect your home and provide a foundation repair estimate.