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Helical pier driven into earth.A helical pier is a hollow steel extruded pipe section (shaft) with one or more circular steel plates (helixes) welded to the shaft.  The plates are shaped as a helix with a carefully controlled pitch, which allows the helical pier to be inserted with minimal soil disturbance into the ground. The central shaft is used to transmit torque during installation and to transfer axial (up and down) loads to the helical plates upon foundation loading. The helical pier is directed toward the soil and hydraulically rotated (torqued) with constant downward pressure (crowd), advancing the pier into the soil.

Once installed, this anchor has bearing capacity in both tension (up) and compression (down) in the subsurface by transferring the structure’s load to the bearing stratum. The pier installation angle can range from vertical to nearly horizontal. A helical pier in tension is called an anchor and a helical pier in compression is called a pile

What Makes our Helical Piers Better?

Olshan uses a tubular helical pier product. It is an extruded round shaft similar to oil field drill systems. Our helical pier has a round, sleeved joint with a two bolt connection. This connection has proven to be superior to first generation  technology which uses a square, single bolt connection.

All of our pier products are hot dipped galvanized for resistance to corrosion and  to ensure long life.

Our product is produced in ISO 9001:2000  approved production facilities and full certification can be produced for pier elements, assuring the quality and composition of the pier. Bearing capacity of a helical pier can be accurately predicted by monitoring the installation torque. Geotechnical engineers typically specify minimum torque and depth values. Since torque is the single most  important predictor of pier performance, Olshan consistently installs piers to twice the recommended torque value.

Olshan’s piers use a true flight helix; this  ensures minimal soil disturbance and  maximum holding power.

Olshan has trained staff to install our helical piers. Staff with years of experience having installed hundreds of helicals, working with engineers, builders and contractors –  and home owners.

Key Distinctions: Helical Piers

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    Deep Depth Technology: Installations to 68′ near the Great Rocky Mountains!Deeper depth assures stability not affected by surface wetting zone.

  • Ready for Immediate Use: No cure time unlike bell bottom piers or caissons.
  • Not Ballast Dependent: Powerful hydraulics torque (screw) the helix (threads) into the soil to advance the pier to depth.
  • Soil Engagement: Threaded helix portion of pier engages the soil to resist up thrust common to end loaded or point loaded repair systems.
  • Minimum Site Disturbance: Unlike caissons, no spoils are created. Neat, clean installations.
  • Wetlands Installation: Helical Piers can be installed on shorelines, marshlands or where subterranean water prohibits the use of poured concrete pilings.
  • Access Issues: Helical Piers are not limited by access for concrete trucks and large drill rigs. Smaller equipment and man portable installation rigs provide almost unlimited access for job sites.
  • Effective in all Soil Conditions: Successful installation in high water table areas, soils with high swell potential, and soils prone to cave-ins or bore hole collapse.
  • Longevity: All products are hot dipped galvanized for endurance and long life.
  • Faster Installation: Compared to conventional poured concrete pilings.
  • Excavation Advantage: Limited excavation required.

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