Hybrid Piling

There are several different piling types used for foundation repairs. They include concrete pads, concrete piers, pressed pilings, steel piers, helical piers, bell bottom piers and a few other less common builds. Each piling type can come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. While each can be effective in specific applications, for residential jobs, Olshan’s research team has selected the patented, Cable Lock ST Plus Hybrid Piling System for most home repairs.

The Cable Lock ST Plus system, U.S. Patent #8,500,368, combines the durability of concrete pilings with the strength of steel pilings. Olshan’’s Hybrid Piling System offers significant improvements in quality of installation, cost efficiency and long term reliability. While most foundation repair companies still install concrete pilings or steel pilings, the innovative foundation specialists at Olshan Foundation Solutions have determined a combination of both technologies can provide a stronger, better, and more reliable repair.

foundation piling types

How does it Work?

cable lock st plus hybrid piling systemConcrete and steel pilings are both cylindrical columns that are sunk into the ground as a way to provide support to a home’’s foundation. Concrete pilings contain rebar to help provide the strength the piling needs to support the foundation. Steel pilings can be driven deeper into the ground than concrete, which is a benefit when working with drier soils.

The Hybrid Piling System from Olshan works with all soils and penetrates difficult soil conditions easier than other systems. Soil layers contain varied compositions, including clay. Clay soils soak up water, expanding when wet and contracting when dry. This continual soil movement creates pressure on your foundation, often resulting in cracks and foundation movement.

Why is it better?

The system is great for homeowners. By combining the  advantages of the steel pier with the longevity of a concrete piling and locking it all together with a cable, homeowners get a high-quality product at a cost effective price that can be installed efficiently and with minimal disruption to their home.

The benefits to the Hybrid Piling System are superior to other forms of foundation repair. It not only installs without heavy equipment, but it can be driven deeply into the soil to provide the best support. Each steel segment is inserted into the soil at pre-determined locations. The number needed depends on the site’’s soil conditions.

When the last steel segment is in place, it receives a transition plate. The first concrete segment is placed on top of the transition plate. The Olshan repair team then adds the concrete pilings, driving each down to the point of refusal. The last concrete piling is topped with a pile cap before support cylinders are set in place. The support cylinders rest directly below the foundation.

Solid Foundations with a Lifetime Warranty

The last stage of the Hybrid Piling System is the insertion of concrete support blocks. The repair team then refills all holes with soil and repairs any surface concrete issues. The work area is cleaned and returned to its previous condition, including the replanting of any plants. On average, the installation process takes about two days to complete. Olshan offers an available foundation repair warranty with the Cable Lock ST Plus System.