Basement Wall Push Back

Contributor: Aaron Goucher

Are Your Basement Walls Closing in on You? Our Patent Pending Wall Push Back Solutions is the Most Comprehensive Basement Wall Recovery Method Available

wall push back repair

Are you dealing with serious structural basement problems, like walls leaning, tipping over or caving in? Avoid partial short-term repairs. It’s time to push back and recover cracked & bowing basement walls using the strongest basement wall recovery solution in the industry. Olshan’s patent pending Wall Push Back Solution is a comprehensive approach to total basement wall recovery. Our durable approach includes:

Anchored Carbon Fiber Straps Installed on the basement interior, Olshan’s carbon fiber straps are anchored at the top and bottom of damaged basement walls.

  • 4x stronger than steel
  • Top anchor post-tensioned
  • Unlike other carbon fiber systems, the top anchor is mechanically fastened to the rim joist, not the sill plate to engage the floor
  • This provides a stronger, safer, more durable defense against future wall movement
  • Bottom anchor: 5x thicker and 125x stiffer than competing anchors
  • Uses a dual-leg solution engineered to achieve a 200% safety factor
  • Open grid technology

Olshan keeps your basement structurally sound and looking great. Beautify your basement with WallShield for a finished look!

Left unrepaired, some homeowners have had to replace entire walls. A thorough and proper Wall Push Back Solution addressing these issues is the surest way to help remedy any issues your foundation may have.

Installation Process

At Olshan, we know that making things easy on you and your home is very important. Your Wall Push Back Solution will be installed by a professional crew.

We’ll complete the work on time and do it right.

  1. Exterior wall is excavated
  2. The house is mechanically lifted off the “Sill plate”
  3. Wall is adjusted to as close to the original line of construction as the structure will allow
  4. Hydraulic cement is injected into any exterior wall cracks to create a smooth surface
  5. Exterior wall is coated
  6. Dimple Board is mechanically fastened to the exterior wall
  7. Carbon Fiber Straps are installed
  8. Optional Wall Shield
  9. Pump & Discharge are installed
  10. Drain is placed at the footing and connected to the pump
  11. Gravel is filled into trench and a soil cap is left on top
  12. Work area is cleanedbasement wall push back repair

Our Carbon Fiber Straps are Backed by Warranty

Our Wall Braces are Backed by Warranty

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Aaron Goucher

Aaron is a Veteran and has been in the construction industry most of his life. He joined the Olshan Team in 2002 and has served as a Certified Structural Technician, Regional Manager and General Manager. Aaron is passionate about helping homeowners in the Midwest region stabilize, waterproof and protect their homes. You can usually spot Aaron on TV or podcasts, as local media outlets often feature his advice when it comes to structural & waterproofing issues.