Carbon Fiber Strips

Strong. Durable. Minimally invasive. You can count on Olshan’s Carbon Fiber Wall Support System to do the job.

carbon fiber strip on basement wall

What Do Carbon Fiber Strips Do?

Carbon Fiber IllustrationLike Wall Anchors, Carbon Fiber Strips also help support cracked or bowed walls.

They are designed to work on both poured concrete and block walls. They can be installed on basement or crawl space walls.

Olshan’s Carbon Fiber Wall Support System is both durable and minimally invasive.

Since the structural repair alone does not require excavation, it is quick to install and less disruptive to the home’s landscaping.

Available Olshan Carbon Fiber Systems can be configured to the foundation base and house framing, offering long-lasting defense against the effects of hydrostatic pressure.

Benefits of Carbon Fiber Strips

  • Structurally isolates movement in basement walls
  • Can be more affordable when compared to Wall Braces or Wall Anchors (less labor intensive)
  • Helps mitigate bowing walls
  • Helps mitigate cracks in walls
  • Works on basement and crawl space walls
  • Can be painted
  • Lightweight and unobtrusive
  • No excavation required

Additional interior or exterior services (such as drainage) may be recommended in conjunction with Carbon Fiber Strips.

The Olshan Carbon Fiber Wall Support System

cabron fiber strip close

The Olshan Carbon Fiber Support System provides an enhanced level of support against wall damage. It ties to the foundation base and the house framing. The Olshan system is attached to the foundation wall, helping to distribute the hydrostatic force pushing against your basement or crawl space walls.

Quick Installation Process. 10 Easy Steps

  1. carbon fiber installedPrepare a safe and clean work area
  2. Gently grind foundation wall at point of installation
  3. Patch cracks for finished look
  4. Prepare sill plate for added support
  5. Footing is drilled along wall
  6. Sill plates installed
  7. Carbon Fiber is mounted to the sill brackets
  8. Epoxy is applied to the foundation walls at installation point
  9. Strips are anchored to the wall
  10. Work area is cleaned and installation is optimized

Carbon Fiber – A Versatile, Durable Material That is Built to Last

Why use Carbon Fiber? Carbon Fiber is more powerful than steel, yet lightweight and agile. Carbon Fiber is used in rigorous situations, including:

  • Helicopters
  • Planes
  • Boats
  • Space shuttles
  • Car parts
  • Helmets
  • Buildings
  • Bridges
  • Tools

When it comes to total wall recovery, Carbon Fiber is a great option.