The Wall Lock™ System Installation Process

At Olshan, we know that making things easy on you and your home is very important. Your Wall Lock™ System will be installed by a professional crew. We’ll complete the work on time and do it right.


Marking the Installation Area
Olshan crews will mark the areas where the Wall Lock™ System will be installed. A small hole approximately 5” in diameter is created in the wall.

Driving of the System
The Wall Lock™ System is pneumatically pushed through the hole to the point of refusal at an approximate 12° angle.

Wall Lock™ System is Activated
The System is activated in firmer soils and pull tested. The access hole is filled in and a steel plate or “C” channel is installed on the wall to secure the anchor.

The Wall is Stabilized
Once the Wall Lock™ System is installed, the pressure readings are recorded and the deflection of the stabilized wall is noted.

All materials are removed and the Olshan crew performs a final cleanup. Leaving your home neat and clean.

The entire process only takes one or two days in most cases.