Wall Anchoring Services

Outside soil pressures can make your basement walls bow. Which can lead to cracks. Then, if water gets into your basement, you can’t use it.

  • Bowing Walls Can Cause a Host of Other Problems
  • Loss of Living Space, Structural Foundation Damage, Electrical and Plumbing Damage, Damage to Appliances
  • Left Unrepaired, Homeowners have had to Replace Entire Walls
  • A Thorough Repair Solution is the Surest Way to Reduce Problems

The solution is wall anchoring. Wall anchors are plates of galvanized steel that extend from your foundation or basement wall into areas of stable soil to securely “lock” the wall in place. This form of foundation wall repair prevents bowing and creates a stable supportive base for your entire home.

Olshan uses the Wall Lock™ Anchoring System to secure, improve and strengthen walls. And reclaim valuable living space. Backed by our Available Lifetime Transferable Warranty.