Basement Waterproofing Near You in Nashville, TN

olshan basement waterproofing technicianBasement space in your home can be a blessing when you need more square footage, or a cool place to enjoy the warm and humid summer months in Nashville.  But that same humidity can also be an issue in your underground spaces.  Leaky foundations, cracks in walls or floors, or seeping water can cause bad odors, and even mold in your basement.  The expert team at Olshan Foundation Repair of Nashville can help!

crack in basement floorOur proven basement waterproofing systems can reclaim your space and make it comfortable and habitable again.  

  • You may be seeing intrusion of water from spaces between the footers of your home and the basement floor.
  • Mortar joints might be suffering from cracks or pressure that could allow water to seep through into your space.
  • Cracks in the basement floor may be letting water in due to a high water table or moist soils
  • Windows or walls that sweat in humid weather can bring moisture into the basement
  • Walls that aren’t square may leave the basement more susceptible to water seepage or intrusion. Getting those bowed or tilted walls fixed can make a big difference.
  • Water underneath your foundation that is not drained properly can cause structural damage.
  • Clay soil around your foundation can expand and contract, causing cracks to your foundation over time.

Water will always seek the path of least resistance, so moving through cracks is more likely than going around the outside of your foundation.  Getting these foundation issues repaired quickly and professionally will mitigate additional damage that will likely happen due to continued exposure to water and moisture.

Olshan’s Nashville Basement Waterproofing Service – How it Works

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Interior & Exterior Basement Waterproofing in Nashville

There are 2 ways we waterproof your basement.  We offer both interior and exterior waterproofing to our customers in Nashville and the communities nearby.  There are reasons for each type of waterproofing, and instances when one would work better than the other.

Interior Waterproofing near Me

Waterproofing from the inside means water is allowed to enter but then is moved away – usually with a sump pump.  This is a faster installation but often requires breaking concrete in your basement to install the sump pump system.  

  • Includes drainage systems installed inside the basement (usually the Water Lock Plus™ System)
  • Waterproofing on the inside of your home requires concrete breakout unless you have a monolithic basement slab (rare)
  • In most instances, a sump pump system will be installed to move the water & moisture out of your basement area.
  • Shorter installation time compared to Exterior Waterproofing. This is less invasive to your property and can be much faster to install, but it isn’t always the correct solution. Our technicians will let you know what solution works best for you.
  • Full interior wall waterproofing with Olshan’s Wall Shield vapor barrier is sometimes recommended.  Your technician will review your situation and make our best recommendation for your unique location, foundation type, water issues and needs.
  • This repair is easy to service and if a sump pump fails or needs maintenance, its fairly easy to access.

Exterior Waterproofing in Nashville

If interior waterproofing is not an option, or it’s determined that the moisture needs to be stopped before it infiltrates your foundation, exterior waterproofing maybe your best option.  Generally, this method often requires us to excavate the soil alongside your basement walls and add an exterior moisture barrier.  If your basement is finished and interior waterproofing may require tearing out drywall, flooring, and fixtures, exterior waterproofing may be the best choice for your situation. Our experienced technicians who know soil, moisture, and foundations in Nashville will help you make the best decision.

  • All work is performed outside with Exterior Waterproofing, so disturbance to the interior of your basement – nor are any fixtures disturbed.
  • sump pump system is sometimes recommended, but may not be necessary.  Depending upon your unique needs – we may recommend a combination of exterior waterproofing and a sump pump.  Our technicians will help you make that decision.
  • Longer installation time compared to interior waterproofing.  Excavation and safety measures must be undertaken before the basement waterproofing can begin – that takes longer, and weather conditions may affect the timeline
  • Serviceable, but not as easy to access as an interior waterproofing method such as a sump pump installation.
  • Includes exterior wall waterproofing with moisture barrier, dimple board and drainage & exterior water management systems to help stop the basement water/moisture problems from recurring.

Interior Waterproofing vs Exterior Waterproofing in Nashville, TN Which method works best for me?

Both methods are highly effective – but have their own use cases, and in some instances, you may need a hybrid model. To determine which solution works best for you, one of our highly-qualified Nashville-based Olshan Certified Structural Technicians will analyze your basement to determine where the problems occur, consult with you about your long-term home improvement goals, then identify the best possible solution for you.

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olshan basement waterproofing solutionschart of basement waterproofing services offered by Olshan

Basement Waterproofing Before & After

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What our happy Nashville, TN Basement Waterproofing Customers have to Say on Google:

After talking with three companies and doing a lot of research online, we opted to use Olshan, based on several factors:  online reviews, the company’s suggestions/equipment, its BBB record and pricing–it was slightly less expensive than our second choice.  Choosing a company for this type of work is challenging, to say the least:  it’s expensive, and you won’t really know if their suggestions work until after it rains.  It’s been two months since we had the service, and we’ve only had one or two sustained rains since then, so it may still be a bit early.  With that as background, we were very pleased with Olshan and the team that did the work:  timely, professional and easy to work with.  And Tommy, the supervisor, could not have been more accommodative. We think the results are going to work well, too (which, after all, is the real test):  after three inches of rain last week, our basement is still bone dry, and that’s a first!   

Steve G. 
October 2019