Nashville Basement Wall Repair Solutions

If you have basement or crawl space walls that are cracked, bowing, or showing other signs of deterioration, not only is it important to get your foundation issues diagnosed, fixing those wall issues is imperative to maintaining a safe and liveable home.

The expert team at Olshan Foundation Repair in Nashville is uniquely trained to recognize the underlying issues that may have caused wall damage and deterioration in your basement or crawl space.  Our technicians are extensively trained and have experience with many different issues common to the Nashville area.  When you call us out to take a look, rest assured you’re hiring experts who are dedicated to getting to the bottom of the problem and making sure the cause is taken care of, as well as repairing damage to your basement, slab, or crawl space foundation. 

The soil’s moisture content and geography around Nashville are unique.  Excess moisture can cause hydrostatic pressure that may cause your walls to bow inwards.  This pressure and displacement of your load-bearing walls can eventually lead to cracks and destabilization of your foundation. 

Common Causes of Problems with Bowing & Tilting of Basement or Crawl Space Walls

Pressure from the soil that expands or water tables reaching your foundation can cause a wall to crack or lose strength – this can cause sagging, shifting, and issues like doors and windows that won’t close correctly. Getting these issues diagnosed and repaired when you first notice them is important.

We mentioned hydrostatic pressure, this is from moisture in the soil and can stress a wall over time. This damage might not be an immediate change, but something you notice gradually.

If you have water around your foundation, generally it will eventually find a path through the foundation or just pool against the concrete. This problem will weaken your structure over time and can cause leaks and deterioration of indoor air quality. It’s important to have water issues diagnosed immediately when you discover an issue.

How Can You Fix a Basement or Crawl Space Wall?

There are a variety of methods we use to fix and stabilize the basement or crawl space walls. Sometimes an anchoring system will do the trick. Carbon fiber strips or Crack Lock Concrete Repair can help restore unsightly cracks. We design many of our repairs so you can paint over them.  Sometimes a brace system, epoxy injections, or root barriers are needed.  As you can see, there are a variety of solutions we can use to solve your foundation’s unique problems.

Wall Lock™ – What’s Behind the Wall Matters

Olshan has a patented Wall Lock system that has been developed and tested to deal with a wide variety of basement wall issues.  This is the most advanced Wall Anchoring method available.

    • Pull-tested at the time of installation to ensure that the anchor is set
    • Galvanized to resist corrosion  for long-term performance
    • Industrial strength – proven in commercial applications such as utility poles, sea walls, and underwater pipeline.
    • When used with exterior excavation, wall recovery is more achievable

Overview of the Wall Lock Wall Anchoring System

Wall Lock™ is Often used as a stand-alone product, but when utilized in conjunction with Waterproofing or Exterior Water Management a more comprehensive repair can be achieved.

Learn more about the benefits of Wall Lock™.


Basement Wall Crack Evaluation


At Olshan Foundation Solutions, our Certified Structural Technicians specialize in in-depth evaluations and bespoke repairs for complex foundation issues. Our expertise has supported numerous Nashville homes, addressing the distinct geological challenges of the area. We’re committed to enhancing the safety and longevity of your home’s foundation with precise and careful repair work. For those confronting foundation concerns, Olshan is your go-to for comprehensive inspections and robust, personalized solutions to secure the foundation of your home.


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All of our dealings with Olshan have been exceptional. I have found them responsive to all of my needs. The crew explained the work, took all of the precautions necessary to make sure we weren’t inconvenienced while they worked in our basement. I would recommend them to anyone needing structural work.

Dennis V.
March 2020