Nashville Sump Pump Installation & Repair

crawl space sump pumpHaving a reliable defense in place when the water table rises and Nashville’s winter rains and occasional snow hit is an important part of owning and maintaining property in the area.  Without a gravity drain or sump pump system, your foundation and your belongings are at risk.  If water is allowed to sit in your basement or crawl space, mold growth could compromise your health.

The expert team at Olshan in Nashville is prepared and trained to mitigate these types of damages by installing a quality sump pump system.  This is often an essential part of an effective waterproofing repair plan. It is also a great way to help prevent a wet basement.  Fixing a bowing or cracked basement or crawl space wall is not enough – protecting that repair investment with mitigation measures can ensure you don’t ever have to worry about wet concrete so long as our quality solution is working properly.

Nashville Basement Sump Pumps by Olshan

  • Removes and releases basement water away from your home
  • State-of-the-art submersible system perfect for Nashville basements & crawl spaces
  • Our system includes an available secondary backup pump for added peace of mind
  • The Olshan innovative “top suction” method prevents airlock and increases durability
  • Superior-quality Corrosion-resistant build has a long life.

Crawl Space Sump Pump Systems for Nashville

Our Available Add-on Features Include:

  • 1/3 or 1/2 HP Pump
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Adjustable Flow Rate Range
  • Superior 4” Solid Discharge Pipe
  • WiFi Alert Notifications for peace of mind
Note: Products and services may vary by market.

Gravity Drain – Water Discharge Alternative

gravity drainNot every basement or crawl space in Nashville may require a sump pump. A fully-trained and qualified Olshan technician will review your existing home inside and out, as well as your landscaping and area water drainage threats, and let you know whether a gravity drain or sump pump might be the right answer.

A Gravity Drain system uses a natural slope on your property to discharge water from your home.  The types of properties that might qualify require an adequate slope, and often requires excavation from under your home’s footer and exterior landscaping.  Our professional technicians can assess and explain the pros and cons of both systems to you when they provide your estimate.

Gravity Drain Installation includes:

  • 1 Yr Workmanship Warranty
  • 4” Corrugated or Solid Pipe, which is dependent upon your unique drainage situation
  • Exterior Drainage 
  • Properly graded slope
  • Pop-Up Drain Emitters
Note: Gravity Drain product & service may vary depending on repair plan configuration

Each homeowner’s case is unique. Schedule a free, no-obligation waterproofing inspection today and we will assess your unique conditions to determine which method of water discharge works best for you. 

Sump Pump vs Gravity Drain in Nashville – Which Works Best for me?

The chart below outlines a few factors that might make one option better than the other.  These are just guidelines, and discussing the details with your expert technical team can ensure the best fit for your property and drainage challenges.  Use this chart to get a rough idea of whether or not a Gravity Drain or Sump Pump might be best for you.

REQUIREMENTS Sump Pump Gravity Discharge
Requires Power Source ✔️ ✔️
Requires Shallow Footing ✔️
Forces Water Out of System ✔️
Requires Maintenance ✔️
Flexible Location ✔️
Adjusted for Water Volume ✔️
Requires Slope ✔️
Flow Rate Good Best
Noise Fair
Energy Efficient Good Best
Warranty Good Fair

How to Fix Sump Pump Problems in Nashville?

If you own a residential or commercial property in Nashville and are experiencing problems with your sump pump – you might just need a quick do-it-yourself fix.  Download Olshan’s sump pump troubleshooting guide for help. If that doesn’t work, maybe it’s time to consider a reliable Olshan System from our Nashville foundation repair team that includes available ongoing customer support. Schedule an assessment today.


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Dear Olshan,
We recently had some sump pumps and waterproofing installed in our home.  We were so excited to have this done, and the team that came out to our home was lead by Treavor.  He was a good leader and had a good crew.   They arrived on time each day, and worked well as a team.  They cleaned as they went and made sure everything was put back as they found it or better.  We really appreciate them as a team, and the work was #1 to us.  Thanks Olshan for a great job well done and the wonderful team you sent to do the job.  I will recommend ya’ll to my friends and other neighbors.  Thanks again for the Great job well done.  

K&D Bottoms
February 2019