What Can I Do About Sunken Concrete?

Concrete is a material that when not properly maintained can create a lot of headaches. Once concrete starts to sink, your liabilities will go in the opposite direction and your concerns will go up too. Structural damages can cause permanent and irreparable damages to your property lowering the property value as well. Because of these reasons and many more, polyurethane injection is the best solution to repair sunken concrete.

What causes concrete to sink?

There are many factors affecting concrete, causing it to dip and sink into the ground. Concrete settlement is more common than what you could imagine, thus the polyurethane injection solution is the preferred option for many homeowners. Concrete fails due to numerous reasons, but the most prevailing ones are due to poor craftsmanship and poor soil strength. Pouring concrete over inadequate soil can cost you a lot of money to repair and could affect the final appearance of the concrete.

How do I lift and level sunken concrete?

Lifted concrete drivewayThe most common option and the most expensive one is replacing or removing concrete once it hardens. Lack of knowledge and awareness of new solutions and techniques prevent homeowners from taking an informed decision before starting the repair process. Removing concrete allows you to refinish the concrete but it will not solve the soil problem, adding cost to your solution.

Mudjacking is a technique that injects grout underneath the concrete slab to fill the soil voids and stop the settlement. This process requires drilling the concrete and will take long to cure although less disturbing than the previous process. This technique is not recommended when the soil is not suitable to support the concrete weight.

Polyurethane injection is done by drilling tiny holes into the concrete surface, then injecting the foam into the soil. As it is injected, the foam expands into the soil, increasing the soil density and improving its characteristics. As the foam expands, it fills the voids between the soil and concrete, and helps stabilize the support. The process is completed.

Why Polyurethane is usually the best concrete leveling solution

concrete lifting crew

Polyurethane injection is the best solution for multiple reasons. First it is a clean and fast process that addresses both of the most common causes of sinking concrete. It can be applied to almost any concrete surface. The process uses environmentally-safe products so there is no contamination to the soil and the surrounding areas. The polyurethane injection is applicable to pools, driveway leveling, roadways, garages, sidewalks, patios, and any other concrete surface. Another important aspect is that the drilled holes are small enough and easy to patch, resulting in a more pleasant finish. The polyurethane injection process requires small equipment so it can be used in confined areas.

What to Expect Afterwards

After the project has been completed and once all the holes are patched, you will enjoy the benefits of a restored concrete surface. The foam prevents moisture from showing up and it will not add additional weight to the soil. Because of its lightweight application the foam will remain helping to prevent the possibility of new voids.