Foundation Maintenance & Lawn Drainage Primer

Lawn DrainageStudies reveal that homeowners spend tens-of-billions of dollars on foundation repair each year! One of the leading culprits? Poor foundation maintenance. Especially when it comes to utilizing a proper drainage system. That’’s right, bad drainage will do a lot more than leave you with dead plants, nasty bugs and a wet lawn.

If you notice standing water on your lawn the next time it rains, you might have a drainage problem.

Excess water around your lawn saturates the soil supporting your foundation causing it to expand. Overtime, this can lead to foundation movement and costly structural damage.  Here are a few of the common factors that can create drainage issues – some of them may surprise you……

  • Poorly maintained, improperly installed, or non-existent gutters
  • Landscapes sloped towards the house
  • Clogged or improperly installed downspouts
  • Obstructed sub-surface drains
  • Newly introduced drainage obstacles such as flower beds, fences, or swimming pools
  • Trees
  • Plumbing leaks and under slab leaks

The good news is that there are several steps homeowners can take to prevent drainage-related foundation damage. Stay tuned to the Olshan blog as we break these steps down each week and provide you with actionable, easy-to-apply advice. Right in time for hurricane season!

Next week we’ll take a look at exterior water management techniques and show you how to plan for new additions to your home’s landscape.

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