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East Texas Drought – Is Your Home At Risk?

Drought isn’’t a word that always leaps to mind when you think of East Texas and Louisiana. We normally picture a wet region with humid summers and volatile storm seasons, but recent rainfall numbers tell a different story. By all... Read more

Home Improvement Ideas to Avoid

There are many reasons that a homeowner might decide to make upgrades or improvements to their property. They may want to enjoy the look, feel, and functionality of the new enhancement themselves —  —but an added perk is boosting the... Read more

Understanding Retaining Wall Damage

A retaining wall is a barrier that is specially designed and built to hold back other material and withstand pressure over a prolonged period of time. Often retaining walls are found in basements and hold back soil, but they can... Read more

Noticing Cracks in a Commercial Property?

For more than 80 years, Olshan Foundation Repair has provided high-quality repair services for residential homes throughout the country. But the professional services at Olshan include commercial and industrial project teams as well. For projects large, small or in between,... Read more

Soil Map and Conditions

Good soil is a crucial component for the stability of any structure. Its type and long-term health must be considered before breaking ground on a building’’s foundation. In certain regions of the country, the soil can be affected by a... Read more