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Hurricane Harvey – 1 Year Later

One year later, in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, Houston homeowners and city planners are still working to resolve one of the city’s most serious issues – flooding. The fact is, Hurricane Harvey, considered a “500-year storm” was hardly the... Read more

Celebrating 87 Years of Service

Did you know? Since we first opened our doors way back in 1933, we have serviced close to 800,000 homeowners. And we’ve found that about 20% of the homes we visit do not require foundation repair! Get these fun facts... Read more

What Can I Do About Sunken Concrete?

Concrete is a material that when not properly maintained can create a lot of headaches. Once concrete starts to sink, your liabilities will go in the opposite direction and your concerns will go up too. Structural damages can cause permanent... Read more

Foundation Repair From The Interior

When entire foundations are sinking and sagging, installing underpinnings such as support piers or pilings under the ground around the perimeter of the foundation is often the preferred method of repair. This will lift the foundation back to a satisfactory... Read more