Olshan Foundation Repair makes news for noticias locales viewers in the Houston area

This Univision 45 Spanish language segment delivers first-rate expert perspective on the damage that Houston’s extended drought and extreme heat is inflicting on local homes. Olshan Project Manager and foundation expert Daniel Garcia gives Spanish-speaking viewers timely insights on what’s happening to their foundations and what they can do to protect their property.

In this news clip, Daniel walks viewers through what happens to foundations when there’s not enough natural water in the soil. As the supporting earth dries out, foundations can sink and lose their load-bearing capacity. This in turn can cause the house to settle unevenly and parts of the structure can begin to separate. As a preventive measure, Daniel recommends a weekly foundation watering and inspection routine to maintain proper soil moisture.

Since 1933, Olshan Foundation Repair has been providing homeowners with trustworthy foundation restoration and repair services.

When floods, drought, or extreme weather increases the risk of foundation damage, trusted media outlets like Univision 45 reach out to Olshan as an authoritative source for expert foundation advice.

Your home is your most important investment, and you should insist on getting straight answers you can trust from hands-on experts like Daniel Garcia.

If you’re seeing signs of foundation damage, don’t wait. Contact Olshan for a free foundation inspection and no-obligation recommendations.