TV viewers in the San Antonio area get expert advice from Olshan Foundation Repair

News4, San Antonio’s NBC News affiliate, recently featured Olshan’s John Campbell, a veteran Certified Structural Technician. They called on John for expert commentary in their feature about the effect of extreme heat on homes. John explained how record-breaking hot and dry weather can stress your foundation by causing the supporting soil to shrink and pull away.

One of the houses John pointed out in his on-camera segment has settled as much as two inches in just a few months because of weather extremes. According to John, trees and shrubs trying to survive drought conditions draw even more moisture away from foundations, potentially leaving them unsupported and at risk for expensive damage.

Soaker hoses have been an effective do-it-yourself approach to foundation protection, but in this news feature, John points out that extreme conditions may call for more robust interventions.

Olshan has seen a marked increase in calls from homeowners who are experiencing weather-related foundation problems. We’ve been helping property owners like you protect your most important investment since 1933 with complete foundation restoration and repair services.

Like News4, you can rely on Olshan for authoritative information about keeping your foundation in top shape for years of worry-free living. Don’t let extended hot, dry weather put your home at risk. To know for sure where you stand, get in touch with us for a free evaluation.