CBS11 News in Dallas, TX Interviews Olshan Subject Matter Expert to Help Local Homeowners with Structural Damage Related to Drought

CBS11 recently featured Olshan Foundation Repair General Manager, Blane Bartley in a segment on how to protect your home from severe drought conditions. Showing practical examples that everyone can understand, Blane pointed out that making foundation repair a priority and working with reputable contractors (who put your best interests first) are the most important things you can do to secure your most important investment – your home.

Real homeowners who appear in the segment share cautionary tales about the risks of working with contractors that haven’t been fully vetted. They also remind everyone that foundation damage is a community issue. As you’ll see in this news feature, the streets, sidewalks, and playgrounds we all share face equal exposure to serious drought-related damage.

Like CBS11, you can rely on Olshan Foundation Repair as a trustworthy source of foundation advice and expertise.

Professionals like Olshan’s Blane Bartley are the subject matter experts network news outlets turn to first when they need authoritative sources for breaking stories like this.

Olshan has been helping Texas homeowners with complete foundation repair and restoration services since 1933, and we’re here to answer your questions.

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