Olshan Subject Matter Expert, Chris Cates Making Headlines in Houston, TX

KPRC 2 News called on Chris Cates, Olshan Foundation Repair of Houston General Manager, for expert commentary in their segment on weather issues plaguing area homeowners.

Chris explained how extreme heat and extended drought conditions put foundations at risk for damage from increased settling. As supporting soil dries out and pulls away from the house, foundations can shift, sink, and lose their load-bearing capacity.

In this news feature, Chris walks viewers through some of the most common warning signs of foundation damage. He also makes practical recommendations that homeowners can put in place to protect slabs and foundations and prevent more serious deterioration. Foundation repairs can be costly if problems are left unaddressed, and Chris’ tips on foundation watering can potentially save homeowners thousands if they follow a consistent watering regimen.

Olshan has been helping Houston homeowners protect their property with full-service foundation repair and restoration expertise since 1933. It’s no wonder that media outlets like KPRC 2 rely on Olshan for straight, authoritative answers when Mother Nature threatens homes in the gulf region.

Protecting your foundation can prevent all kinds of other damage to your home’s structure and interior finishes, and after all, your house is one of the biggest lifetime investments you’ll make.

If you suspect that your foundation might be at risk from Houston drought conditions, feel free to contact Olshan for a no-cost evaluation.

Chris Cates, Olshan Subject Matter Expert

Chris Cates

Chris has been in the foundation repair industry since the late 80’s. He has 40+ years of experience designing foundation repairs plans of all types and sizes. Chris’ work and expertise has been featured in the local Houston media several times, including appearances on the CW39 News, Click 2 Houston News, ABC 13 News, The Sealy News and The Houston Business Journal. Chris’ important work in research and development, played an integral role in the development of a patented repair method (US Patent #10,428,516 B2) designed to stabilize damaged tilt walls. Chris Cates is recognized as an innovator in the industry both locally and nationally.

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