Couple expected at $10,000 foundation repair bill – surprised by a $30 DIY estimate

Most homeowners know a great customer experience when they see one. Still, it can be such a pleasant surprise to get good news from a home services company when you’re expecting the worst. In fact, many homeowners put off important inspections longer than they should because of the dread of sticker shock.

Olshan Foundation Repair recently got a five star review from a couple in Memphis after just such an experience. Here’s their story:

Suzanne A. and Charles D. placed a call to Olshan’s Memphis, Tennessee office to get an estimate on a suspicious crack in their brickwork. They were worried that it might be a sign of progressive structural damage and wanted an expert to take a look and make some recommendations. They were bracing themselves for a $10,000 repair quote.

Read on to find out why Suzanne said this after Olshan’s Certified Structural Technician left them with a very surprising estimate:

I have never dealt with a company so honest to show such integrity.

When Olshan arrived at the home to perform a free assessment, here’s what we found. When Suzanne and Charles showed us around, we saw vertical brick sheer that appeared as cracks in the exterior masonry. They were right to call us and get it checked, but it turned out that this was not a structural problem needing foundation repair.

This issue is fairly common and caused by heaving or upward expansion of the soil at a corner of the home. This normally happens because too much water collects near that part of the house from faulty or incorrectly installed gutters. The Olshan Certified Structural Technician on the scene was able to show Suzanne and Charles where the problem was coming from and explained that they could solve the issue themselves. The solution was to extend the gutter boot 10-15 feet away from the house with around $30 worth of parts the could easily buy and install themselves.

Here are the cracks that had the couple worried

Crack in Bricks 1

Crack in Bricks 2

Crack in Bricks 3

Fortunately, a $30 DIY repair was all they needed

After carefully checking the house to make certain there were no additional cracks or other signs of foundation trouble, the Olshan Technician was able to give Suzanne and Charles the good news.

“We’re in this business to take care of homeowners and help them protect their investment – we’re not there to sell them expensive services or trick them into splashing out their hard-earned money on repairs they don’t really need,” said Josh Kemp, General Manager of Olshan in Memphis.

Suzanne and Charles said, “We were shocked when they advised us it was not that bad and that we could fix the problem ourselves…this is a true American honest company that values people over money. Such a rare thing these days.”

It’s not always obvious which signs indicate structural problems and which ones are simply cosmetic. It turns out that around 20% of the homes that Olshan visits for free courtesy evaluations have the same experience that delighted Suzanne and Charles in Memphis. That’s right! About 20% of the homes we visit do not require foundation repair.

It’s important for homeowners to know that a reputable foundation repair company will do a proper and thorough evaluation  and tell them the truth about what they really need to protect their home – often the biggest and most important investment the average person will make in a lifetime. We’re always glad to give customers good news whenever we can.

Olshan Foundation Repair has been a trusted resource for homeowners for 90 Years and counting. We provide honest, reliable and affordable services, but our primary mission is to help homeowners live better. We’re not here to upsell things they don’t need. For a no-obligation evaluation and free home care recommendations, contact Olshan today.