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The team here at Olshan Foundation Repair has been making a lot of trips to Atlanta these days, for two obvious reasons:

  1. There are thousands of homeowners and business owners in the city and surrounding areas that are encountering foundation problems related to both settlement & water intrusion.
  2. We’re the only company that offers 90 Years of experience, 100% free evaluations, and a low $125/Month Payment Plan in Fulton County.

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Wondering just how common foundation problems can be in Atlanta, GA? According to search activity data from Google Trends, the Atlanta, GA region suffers from a large volume of foundation-related problems. Activity tends to spike after prolonged periods of drought, usually resulting in cracks in walls and uneven slabs or heavy rainfall, usually resulting in leaky basements or wet crawl spaces.

At Olshan we’ve spent more than eight decades building an impeccable reputation, as we strive tirelessly to uphold the highest standards in technical skill, technological innovation and customer service.

Causes of Atlanta, GA Foundation Damage

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Georgia is famous for its red clay soil, but what many don’t realize is that clay has significant sponge-like qualities and can soak up enormous quantities of water during a storm or when nearby creeks or ponds overflow.

When rainfall declines that same clay will lose much of the moisture it has collected, setting up a repeating cycle of water absorption and release that causes soil to expand and contract, changing its volume and density and compromising its capacity to support heavy structures and their foundations.

The heaving and shrinking of the soil as it absorbs and loses water will cause a foundation to move up, down and sideways, and foundations under such stress can crack, crumble and degenerate to the point where repairs are necessary to prevent the problem from getting any worse.

Other sources of trouble include unchecked water flow above or below ground that causes soil erosion around a foundation base, and undiagnosed plumbing problems (leaking pipes) beneath concrete slabs that can cause foundations to gradually sink into the earth.

Expanding tree roots are yet another potential source of foundation upheaval. As the roots work their way under your home or business they can apply tremendous upward pressure on vulnerable foundations, causing unwanted movement that may go completely undetected—until it is too late.

These are some of the risks that Atlanta homeowners and business owners face. These unseen threats to the health of their foundations can cause a boatload of trouble if they are not diagnosed and repaired by professionals.

With their extensive training and vast field experience, SouternDry technicians can spot these and other kinds of trouble on their very first visit to your property, and since the initial evaluation is always free you won’t have to spend a dime until repairs actually begin.

Signs of Foundation Trouble

So how will you know if your foundation is truly under duress? Here are some telltale signs …

  • Cracks in the basement, crawlspace or foundation concrete.
  • Mold and mildew infestations.
  • Insects or rodent invasions.
  • Water leaks and accumulation on basement floors or in crawl spaces.
  • Wood rot on support beams.
  • Bulging basement walls.
  • Sticky or misaligned windows and doors upstairs.
  • Spidery cracks on plaster walls and ceilings.
  • Bad odors without obvious sources.

If you see any of these indicators of foundation damage or related water infiltration, call today to arrange your free, no-obligation evaluation.

Foundation Repairs Needed in Atlanta? Go with the Proven Helical Pier Solution

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Homeowners and business owners in Fulton County are fortunate to have access to one of the most effective and efficient foundation repair technologies available .

This Helical Pier System from Olshan offers deep-soil penetration that provides rock-solid anchoring strength. The Helical Pier can be driven to whatever depth is needed to penetrate bedrock or soil with sufficient density to support the weight of your home or commercial building.

Helical Piers are manufactured for perimeter insertion around the edges of a sagging foundation as well as the interior. Segments or sections are joined with bolted couplings. The installation process is quick, clean and unobtrusive, and once it’s finished your foundation and the building it supports will be much more stable.

The Helical Pier System is backed by an available warranty program and ongoing customer support , giving you peace of mind and a great return on your investment.

Comprehensive Waterproofing Services for Basements and Crawl Spaces in Atlanta, Georgia

One of the major complications of even minor foundation damage is water intrusion of basements and crawl space homes. Cracks in foundations, basement walls and crawl space walls allow water to seep in and accumulate, and some homes have outdoor drainage problems or under-slab plumbing leaks that can make the problem even worse.

SouternDry is truly an all-purpose foundation repair and waterproofing company, and offer technologically advanced solutions for every imaginable foundation-related water problem that might occur on your property.

Crawl Space Encapsulation Atlanta, GA

Crawl Space Encapsulation is a comprehensive and reliable solution to moisture penetration in vulnerable underground areas. Various repair and restoration products are included in the Crawl Space Encapsulation package, including:

  • Moisture-Resistant Vapor Barrier Installation. This sturdy polyethylene liner offers full protection for the entire crawl space, with no seams or openings where moisture can sneak in. The vapor barrier alone is often sufficient to solve minor-to-moderate crawl space moisture problems. It can be installed on walls as well as the floor.
  • Crawl Space Ventilation System Installation. Olshan offers state-of-the-art ventilation systems that dehumidify and purify musty crawl space air, helping to stop moisture or contaminant accumulation. Olshan does also offer a full line of dehumidifiers appropriate for basement or crawl space use of any size.
  • Adjustable Support Columns. Sagging or rotting support beams are one possible result of water damage, and in some instances problems with a sinking crawl space foundation may precede water penetration. Adjustable Support Columns can be installed inside the crawl space as needed, putting your home back on firm and secure footing.

Sealed dirt crawl space

Basement Waterproofing Atlanta, GA

Water seepage in basements is big trouble. The excess water can damage everything it touches and create an environment where insects, rodents, mold, mildew and fungus can take root and bloom.

Fortunately, our Basement Waterproofing Systems will help divert all flowing water away from your basements, helping to eliminate the problem at the source. In-ground installation of this superior water discharge technology is one of the surest methods available for full moisture control to protect vulnerable basements from harmful rain.

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Basement Wall Repair Atlanta, GA

Saturated soil surrounding basements can put hydrostatic pressure on walls, causing them to bow inward, losing their structural integrity and forming cracks that allow for runaway water penetration.

Fortunately, a strong Wall Anchoring System will help reverse this damage and pull bulging basement walls back to an acceptable position, while reinforcing them and giving them the strength they need to resist the horizontal forces of pooled groundwater. After anchoring is complete your basement walls will function normally.

Exterior excavation & drainage is often recommended with Basement Wall Repair to help alleviate hydrostatic pressure, resulting in a long-lasting basement wall repair.

French Drain Installation & Drainage in Atlanta, GA

Many Atlanta homeowners have outdoor drainage problems, which puts foundations, basements and crawlspaces at risk for excessive moisture infiltration.

Olshan has extensive landscaping and outdoor water management experience and specialize in subsurface water removal. Using drainage technology that is clog-resistant and designed to preserve continuous flow during the discharge process, putting it a level above any other drainage solution currently available on the market.

How Much Does it Cost to Repair My Foundation or Waterproof My Basement in Atlanta, GA?

The cost of foundation repair depends on several factors, including the severity of the damage, source of the problem and number of helical piers (if any) are required to achieve satisfactory results based on the project goals of the homeowner. Some homes may require the installation of several helical piers along the perimeter and interior of the foundation, while others may only need a simple water management solution and time.

Waterproofing costs also vary. In fact, they often vary by a greater margin compared to leveling a concrete slab or sunken crawl space. This is because some homeowners simply want to waterproof a specific leaky area of their basements, while others opt to waterproof the entire area to achieve a strong foundation in which to develop a finished basement for everyday use. Another major factor is whether you chose to waterproof the basement from interior with sump pumps, moisture barriers and drainage solutions vs. exterior waterproofing from outside the basement wall.

The best way to find the average cost of foundation repair in Atlanta is to schedule a free, no-obligation evaluation. We do also offer a handy cost calculator, however, it only provides as a loose ballpark estimate.

Fulton County’s Finest Foundation Repair and Maintenance Service Provider

Olshan is helping to solve foundation and water penetration problems for homeowners, landlords and business owners in Atlanta and throughout the rest of Fulton County.

The health of your foundation and the home or commercial investment it supports is always the primary concern of Olshan, and after one of their certified technicians finish your free evaluation they will offer you fast, clean, affordable and reliable options for repair.

Please call the Atlanta office today to schedule your no-cost, no-obligation foundation evaluation. Should you need additional help, we offer warranties and maintenance visits with most products, along with payment plans that make repairs and installation services cost-efficient for any budget.

Thank you again, to all of the men involved with our repairs. And, thank you for being a company that we can trust and depend on when things go wrong around our home.

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