Galveston Gumbo Clay, Homes Falling Through the Cracks?

The south Texas soil is known for its absorbency, and thus its propensity for growing fruits and vegetables. Galveston “”gumbo clay”,” as it is colloquially referred, is much like a sponge, expanding as it soaks up and retains moisture. Contrarily, in very hot, dry conditions, such as the intense drought Texas is facing currently, the gumbo clay shrinks and cracks. Some Galveston locals have reported that the clay’s crevices are so deep due to drought; you could lose a hammer in them.

This expansion and retraction of the soil as the weather changes puts stress on homes’ foundations. Severe drought can cause cracks, not only in the gumbo clay, but also in your home’s foundation. Galveston homeowners have reported cracks in exterior brick and interior walls as well as doors and cabinets out of alignment. As things heat up outdoors, your home may literally be shifting under your feet along with the dry soil and damaged foundation.

Watering your home’s foundation can keep the Galveston gumbo clay moist and prevent drastic shifts in the soil. Soaker hose foundation watering is a cost-effective method to keep your foundation from cracking or settling. Another option is a buried foundation watering system installed underground around your home. To get a free estimate on existing foundation drought damage repairs or installing preventative foundation watering systems, call 877-4-OLSHAN