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Today, smart builders focus on quality and value. But it seems like no matter what you do, every once in a while factors outside the builder’s control like expansive soils and other conditions can cause foundation problems. We can help. You need knowledgeable professionals on your team who are thoroughly trained to identify the differences between normal settlement, a structural problem that needs to be addressed and heave.

At Olshan, we share decades of experience with home builders to help assess and identify structural vulnerabilities. In performing foundation repair since 1933, we’ve basically seen it all. Let us join forces with your team of builders and ensure your home stays on solid ground.

If you or your builder is looking for reliable foundation repair contractors, consider Olshan’s builder services. We make sure you get the most trusted foundation contractor in Austin, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio or other major cities. We simply wants what’s best for your home.

We understand the delicacy of the situation and will work with you and the homeowner to customize the right solution for you the builder, the home owner and the home.

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Olshan Builder Solutions:

  • Reliability Since 1933
  • Exclusive Builder Pricing
  • Foundation Repair
  • Soil Injection
  • Epoxy Injections
  • Plumbing and Tunneling
  • Water Management
  • Plumbing Testing and Repairs

Olshan offers specialized services exclusively to builders from the country’s leading provider of structural solutions.

We Also Accept All Major Credit Cards

For larger jobs, we have many convenient payment plans available.

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