Celebrating Tracy – First woman to earn NFRA CST credential

Tracy Drain with Olshan Foundation's uniform

Congratulations to Tracy Drain, long-time Olshan Certified Structural Technician (CST), and now, the first woman to earn the prized certification of National Certified Foundation Repair Specialist from the National Foundation Repair Association.   It’s a win for Tracy because it confirms her qualifications and accomplishments as a foundation repair professional. It’s a win for all of us in the Olshan Foundation Repair family because Tracy personifies the trustworthiness, integrity, and performance standards we value in the people who care for customers like you.


Mastery of Craft: The Path to Becoming a Certified Structural Technician

To become a National Certified Foundation Repair Specialist, candidates must complete a rigorous program of field and book work. They’re expected to master the properties of various building materials and how they work together to keep a structure safe and stable under all kinds of environmental loads and the stresses of daily use. The National Certified Foundation Repair Specialist credential means that the individual who earned it has demonstrated proficiency in a complete array of foundation evaluation skills.

Tracy Drain’s Remarkable Achievement: A Source of Pride for Olshan Foundation Repair

Chris Cates, Olshan General Manager said, “Tracy invested tremendous heart and effort to earn this important certification. We’re extremely proud of this leap forward she has taken in her career, and we’re confident that our customers are going to benefit in a big way from her expertise.” Certified Structural Technicians ensure that every one of Olshan’s foundation evaluations is accurate and performed to the highest standards of customer care. Homeowners like you have trusted Olshan since 1933 to provide honest and reliable restoration services.

Setting Standards in the Industry

Professional organizations like the National Foundation Repair Association help to ensure that member companies adhere to strict standards of integrity and ethics. They also build greater cooperation between foundation repair providers, governmental agencies, and the municipalities that help to protect homeowners in neighborhoods just like yours.

Tracy’s Achievement Inspires: Join the Olshan Family and Build Your Career

Tracy’s certification news is a great reminder that career opportunities are open in the foundation repair industry. For most field positions, the hiring process is short and with the right work ethic you can start earning raises and promotions quickly. Olshan is a great place to work, and many senior employees who have been with us for years started out in entry-level field positions.

Embracing Core Value: Striving for Improvement


Olshan Foundation Core Value

Tracy’s journey exemplifies Olshan’s core value of Improvement. Her commitment to achieving the National Certified Foundation Repair Specialist certification showcases our dedication to continuous growth and excellence. We believe in providing our team members with the resources and opportunities they need to enhance their skills and contribute to the betterment of our services.

Should Tracy’s story resonate with you and you envision yourself as a suitable candidate for the National Certified Foundation Repair Specialist role, we encourage you to get in touch with your nearby Olshan office or explore our career page for insights into available positions within your vicinity.