Slab Plumbing

We Get Underneath The Problem.

Olshan Underslab Solutions come with over seventy-five years of RELIABLE home installation experience.

As a pioneer in providing both foundation repair and under slab plumbing solutions we have the expertise to help you identify the causes of Underslab Plumbing Leaks with our thorough investigative process including Hydrostatic Testing, Leak Isolation Testing and Camera Inspections. Once we have identified the problem, Olshan Plumbing will provide a no-obligation estimate to perform your repairs using our industry leading installation process. If you need underslab plumbing expertise, just call Olshan.

Olshan Plumbing provides:

  • Olshan Reliability since 1933
  • Hydrostatic Testing
  • Leak Isolation Testing
  • Tunneling
  • Home Installation Expertise
  • Licensed Plumbers

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Service Areas:
Austin, Houston,  San Antonio

Olshan Plumbing Since 1933
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