Crawl Space Moisture Damage in Kansas City, MO

Crawl space moisture damage repair Kansas City MO

5 Signs of Crawl Space Moisture Damage Kansas City Homeowners Need to Know

Humidity can be a serious challenge for Kansas City homeowners, especially when it comes to crawl space conditions. Damp, unprotected crawl spaces and basements provide the ideal conditions for mold and wood rot to attack your home and weaken your foundation.

In the Kansas City region, humidity tends to run high along with substantial temperature swings from cold winters to hot summers. Climate factors like this, along with frequent thunderstorms, can allow unwanted moisture to collect under your home and set trouble in motion.

5 Common Signs of Moisture Problems in Your Crawl Space

The wood parts of your foundation (including piers, beams, joists, and subflooring) are susceptible to short- and long-term damage from unwanted moisture that may accumulate in your crawl space or basement.

Untreated wood is especially vulnerable to the effects of condensation, leaky pipes, poor drainage, storm runoff, or excess humidity.

Crawl Space Repair Kansas City MOIf you notice one or more of these common warning signs, it might be time for a crawl space inspection:

  1. Musty odors in the house or crawl space that won’t go away
  2. Floors that feel “spongy” to the step or develop new creaks
  3. White, yellow, or brown spots on wood foundation parts that look powdery or foamy
  4. Damp areas or standing water on crawl space floors or near vents, joints, or utilities
  5. Mineral deposits or stains on masonry that supports wooden parts of your foundation

Wood rot is an especially sneaky villain because it can go undetected for a long time in hard-to-reach places in your crawl space. It loves moisture and untreated wood and often starts in crevices where materials join, such as the seams between joists and subflooring material.

Remedies for Crawl Space Moisture Problems

Fortunately, Kansas City homeowners have an arsenal of modern remedies within reach to combat the effects of unwanted moisture in basements and crawl spaces.

In most cases, foundation damage can be arrested and reversed using a mix of affordable solutions.

Olshan Crawl Space Moisture Damage Repair in KC MO

  • Simple drainage improvements inside and outside of the crawl space
  • Crawl space encapsulation with engineered moisture barriers
  • Polymer wood treatments to seal untreated wood
  • Caulking and sealing around vents and utility penetrations
  • Installation of dehumidifiers and sump pumps properly sized for your home
  • Replacement of rot-damaged wood components with new wood or steel

How to Find Help if You Suspect Trouble in Your Crawl Space

There are several low- or no-cost do-it-yourself preventive measures that any Kansas City homeowner can put in place. In many cases these can help you get ahead of unwanted crawl space moisture before foundation damage can occur:

  • Add a visual crawl space inspection to your regular home upkeep routine
  • Check hard-to-reach places, especially where materials join, for signs of moisture
  • Adjust outdoor sprinkler systems to avoid over-watering
  • Make sure rain gutters and downspouts are in good repair
  • Improve grading around your foundation to ensure water drains away from the house
  • Consider interior or exterior “French Drain” installation where stormwater may collect
  • Inspect plumbing below your house frequently for signs of leaks

Reputable foundation repair companies with crawl space expertise will often provide you with a free evaluation along with upkeep recommendations.

If you suspect that you may have moisture damage underneath your house, it’s important to get a professional inspection as soon as possible. These problems never go away by themselves and only get worse over time.

Some companies will pressure you to accept an estimate or sign a contract on the spot. Before you agree to anything, make sure that the company has good references and service ratings, provides warranty protection for their work, and clearly explains the pros, cons, and costs associated with any repairs they recommend.

Olshan has been protecting homeowners with a complete range of professional foundation repair services and products since 1933. If you have any questions about wood rot or crawl space protection, one of our expert team members would be happy to talk with you and provide a free, no-obligation evaluation.

Help with Crawl Space Moisture Damage Services KC MO

Why Choose Olshan for Help with Crawl Space Moisutre Issues?

Since 1933, Olshan has been repairing foundations to the highest standards of quality.

We don’t just tackle the symptoms of the problems—we focus on comprehensive solutions. All of our solutions are backed by worry-free warranties and maintenance programs that are among the best in the industry.

When you depend on Olshan, you get access to a highly qualified team that’s dedicated getting your foundation project done right.

Contact us today for your free inspection in our around Kansas City.

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Reviews of Olshan’s Crawl Space Repair Services

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐”Olshan did a great job for me! Bryan was careful in his explanations of how the repairs to a cracked and leaning basement wall could be addressed during the estimate. The timing of the repairs accommodated my schedule. The team of Cody, Martin, Carlos, and Micah did a great job! Cody previewed the job site the evening before work started to understand the situation. The team arrived on time. They were friendly, efficient and careful in their work. They left the job site as orderly as possible after this type work. The team went above expectations in taking care of my property! Thank you!”

Gayle Grotjan – May 20, 2022 on Google

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐”My mom had SO many issues with water in her basement. We called Olshan, and it was a GREAT decision. From the initial evaluation with Venson, to the installation with Gabriel and his team. Everyone in this company is EXTREMELY responsive. That’s important, and not found in many businesses these days. Venson contacted me by phone and email prior to our consultation to confirm the date and time. On the day of the consultation, he called when he was on his way and gave us an ETA. After a quick evaluation, he reviewed a few options with us and gave us the pros and cons of each option. He also discussed payment methods with us. Paying cash or credit is simple. Or, if you prefer to finance, the application process is quick and easy. He scheduled the installation of our water lock system and sump pump, but remained available by phone and text to answer any questions we may have between that time and the installation.
On the day of installation, the same courtesy was extended by Gabriel and his team. Prior to their arrival, they called and gave us their ETA. Gabriel walked me through the project before his team got started. Gabriel and his team, Gerardo, Raul, and Jose, got right to work. We had failed to remove some sheetrock prior to the installation, but Gabriel and his team spoke with me about that. I was ready to get a hammer and clear it out for them, but they neither hesitated, nor complained about adding that task to the list. I felt bad, but, they just got to work and got the job done. The team worked diligently throughout the day, and they kept me informed. During various phases of the project, they gave me the opportunity to check the work and see what the process was. Upon completion, Gabriel reviewed the entire project with me and demonstrated the operation of the sump pump. The crew cleaned up the work space very nicely and took great care in making sure that the space was wiped down and cleaned up when the project was complete. They even pulled their truck forward a bit before leaving and picked up a few rocks in the driveway that had come from the gravel bags on the truck. No stone was left unturned, and I am confident that we made the right choice for our repair.
Start to finish, the process was flawless. Venson, Gabriel, Gerardo, Raul, and Jose were punctual, efficient, and professional. I highly recommend this company!”

Emily White – May 10, 2022 on Google

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐”Olshan performed foundation repair work on my parent’s home that my siblings and I had to coordinate from start to finish due our parents being elderly and limited by several medical conditions. From the consultation and estimate provided by Heath to the actual completion of the work provided by Jose, Irbin, Chinchilla and Gabriel, my siblings and I were both impressed and appreciative of Ohlshan’s professionalism, patience and willingness to explain things to us (sometimes more than once) so we could pass the information to our parents clearly and answer each and every one of their questions along the way. The carbon fiber strips, wall shield, water lock and J-drain have all seemed to stop the water from entering my parent’s basement and arrested the cracks we found in their foundation. Thanks Olshan for the great work and for being a trustworthy company to work with!”

Jonathan Madison – Oct. 10, 2021 on Google

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