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Photos of Our Work

Before Elevation
Before Elevation

After Elevation During Flood
After Elevation During Flood

Before Elevation
Before Elevation

After Elevation
After Elevation

Why Olshan and Comal?

Elevate Your Home On A Solid Foundation

Your new foundation will be designed by the experts at Comal Engineering and supported with Olshan’s exclusive hybrid piling, which is time-tested in Houston soils to support your home elevation.

The hybrid piling steel segments penetrate deeper and the concrete segments last longer, allowing you and your family to benefit from your home elevation with peace of mind for years to come.

The Steps To Elevate Your Home

1. Engineering, Surveying & Documentation

The first step in elevating your home is to get the paperwork correct. This means taking accurate measurements of your home and evaluating the current condition of your home foundation. This step also includes the necessary paperwork for any applicable grant or aid programs.

Comal and Olshan have the combined experience to help you navigate this process and ensure that your custom solution is as effective and affordable as possible!

2. Excavation

The excavation phase is fairly straightforward. Olshan crews will excavate the existing foundation of your home and tunnel underneath your foundation so that the elevation can take place.

Olshan has been working on Houston foundations since 1933, and excavation is a big part of that. Our crews will make quick work of this step. In preparation for the supports and elevation steps, your home utilities will be disconnected

3. Olshan Supports

After excavation, Olshan crews will install our patented and proven hybrid piling system to support your soon-to-be elevated home.

Putting your elevation on a solid foundation is key to maintaining the structural integrity as well as the curb appeal of your home.

4. Elevation

Based on the plan outlined in our first step, your home will be elevated anywhere from inches to 20 feet.

Our lifting system is safe, efficient, and easy on your home.

5. Utilities

Home utilities such as gas, electrical, and water will be reconnected and redone in a way that is best suited to your home’s new foundation.

6. Foundation Construction & Restoration

The final step is making your home whole again. Whether it’s stucco, split blocks, stairs, porches, or railings, we will ensure that your newly lifted home has beautiful curb appeal.

These finishing touches, along with the peace of mind that your home is elevated above the flood plane will increase the value of your home and help you and your family live better.


Case Study

homeowner in Houston elevates home after floodLongtime Fulshear resident, Jo Douglass, chose to elevate her home instead of moving after Hurricane Harvey. Her home took on more than six inches of water, but after forty years and a lifetime of memories, leaving her home and all its behind memories was not an option. Jo turned to Olshan to elevate her house to prevent future flood damage:

“My contractor and I chose to use Olshan again because they have always stood by their warranty and have been a pleasure to work with many times in the past,” says Jo.

Home elevation allows your family to stay in the home and neighborhood that you are rooted in. By physically elevating your home away from damaging flood waters, home elevation offers protection should flood waters rise again. Elevation is also more affordable and less disruptive compared to tearing down the existing home and building a new one. It can also help preserve the community and keep your neighborhood’s history intact through restoration instead of demolition and new construction.

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Moving to a new home involves putting your life on hold and can cause stress:

  • It’s Disruptive. Even the easiest move can be hard on families. Kids of all ages can react poorly to moving, with changes in friends, schools and places of worship.
  • It’s Time-Consuming. From packing all of your belongings, to shopping for a new home, to selling your current home, moving takes up a lot of your valuable time.
  • It’s Stressful. Buying and selling a new home can seem like a full-time job. Between open houses, staging, prospective buyers, fussy owners, paperwork and more.

Add Value Now, Increase Value Later

A damaged home will sell for much less than a home in good condition, while a home that has been carefully maintained, elevated, and enhanced can increase its curb appeal and equity. Moving after a disaster can destroy all the equity you’ve worked so hard to build.

In addition, when done right, home elevation is a safe construction procedure for all types of homes, including homes on slab foundations, pier and beam homes, and block and base homes, all of which can be safely lifted. Even commercial buildings like restaurants, retail shops and warehouses can be elevated. Here are some great reasons for elevating your home or business:

  • It takes your home away from dangerous flood waters and protects your belongings
  • It brings older homes up to date on current codes and building regulations
  • It can save you money on flood insurance: One Webster family’s premium decreased by nearly 90%

For some property owners, home elevation is the best weapon in the battle against flood waters. The cost of home elevation varies but is determined primarily by the type of foundation (slab vs. pier & beam) and height of the lift (in-ground vs. elevation above grade), and Olshan offers a no-cost estimate.

The good news is property owners may be eligible for government assistance through FEMA as well as through Texas Rebuilds and other recovery initiatives. To date, over $13 billion dollars in federal funds have already reached survivors. Research is vital: there may be funds available that you weren’t even aware of, and Olshan is available to help you identify sources of aid.

Olshan is Here to Help

If we work together, we can truly elevate the way we live and help prevent families and communities from experiencing the devastating effects of flooding. For over eighty-five years, Olshan has been a proud part of the Houston community and has helped more than 50,000 Houston area property owners live better in their existing homes. Today, tomorrow and for the next 100 years, Olshan will be here to help Houston strengthen, rebuild, and protect its properties.

Whether you are looking to rebuild a home, a neighborhood or a city, Olshan is the reputable contractor, with local know-how and resources you need on your team.

If you are interested in home elevation, we offer a no-cost consultation.

Olshan Recognized by the State of Texas

olshan foundation repair offically recognized by the state of texas



Well, our foundation was repaired this week. It is AMAZING!!!!! Once they "jacked" it up you could immediately tell the difference! So cool! When you walk to that side of the house, you don't go downhill. Oh my goodness - what a HUGE difference. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

- Bev & Mike, Austin TX