Tunneling for Commercial Structures

There are many reasons for foundation problems. However, plumbing leaks are one of the major
causes. In fact, in the last 5 years almost 25% of structures tested by Olshan plumbers have had an under slab plumbing leak. What happens? Sewer lines that run under the structure, can begin to leak over time due to a variety of reasons, like cast iron pipes eroding or structural movement. This causes the water that was supposed to flow to the sewer to end up collecting underneath the building.

When dealing with a commercial structure, repairing the foundation sometimes requires innovative solutions. You may not be able to simply tear up an entire street to access your building’s foundation. In most cases, this is a logistical impossibility and can make your business, school or residential establishment inaccessible to customers. Fortunately there are alternatives, like foundation tunneling, that allow plumbers to get to the root of the problem.

What is a Foundation Tunnel Used for?

In the world of commercial structures, tunneling is the process of actually burrowing a tunnel from outside of your structure directly to the foundation. The process is complex, but fairly common. It can also help eliminate extra costs from causing damage to an entry way or adjacent building. Best of all, when you have a foundation repair need, you can take care of it without causing significant disturbance to your everyday business operations.

Tunneling Repair Job on Commercial Structure

What are some advantages of foundation tunneling?

Takes care of the problem from the exterior – With foundation tunneling, your contractor will never have to drill directly through your interior floor.

Avoid breaking up massive amounts of slab or concrete – You don’t have to worry about a huge mess, or causing serious and costly damage to a concrete slab on the outside of your building.

Keeps your business up and running during construction – Due to minimal interference, you may be able to undergo the foundation repair process without your customers even noticing.

How Does it Work?

If you have a foundation problem caused by plumbing leaks, Olshan can tunnel under your property, repair the pipes and install pilings from inside the tunnel. Your foundation and plumbing problems are solved in one easy step.  Olshan offers tunneling services on structures of all sizes. This saves you the intrusion caused by having workers and equipment on the inside of your property and eliminates the cost of replacing expensive interior floor coverings.

Olshan can help with your tunneling needs to get your business back on solid ground. Get in touch with us today.