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Olshan Foundation Drainage Solutions Memphis TNAre you noticing excess moisture or water in your basement or crawl space?

See what every homeowner should know about basement drainage problems in Memphis, Tennessee. Follow these 8 expert tips and learn from the foundation drainage repair pros at Olshan.

Protecting basements and crawlspaces from unwanted moisture is a top homeowner concern in the Memphis, Tennessee area.

Seasonal temperature extremes, steady humidity, and the tendency for year-round rainfall can make your home vulnerable to progressive water damage.

Armed with a little knowledge, you can ensure years of worry-free living in your home.

How does moisture enter a basement or crawl space?

The normal force of shifting groundwater alone can put a surprising amount of pressure on your foundation.

The scientific name for this process is “hydrostatic pressure” and even without heavy rain, it can shift parts of your foundation out of alignment and gradually open small cracks and separations in basement walls that allow water to seep in and collect.

Here are 8 other common ways water might attack your home:

Foundation Drainage Solutions Memphis TN

  1. Construction faults in concrete, masonry, or sealing materials
  2. Loose windows, doors, or crawl space vents
  3. Improper grading around your foundation exterior
  4. Gutters or downspouts that are worn out or improperly installed
  5. Extreme temperature swings that cause condensation to collect
  6. Leaky plumbing, appliances, or utility fixtures
  7. Humid air that gets trapped below the living areas of your house
  8. Seasonal or unusual flooding events

How can Memphis homeowners prevent water damage?

The key to water damage prevention is proper drainage.

Depending on the age of your home, foundation type, and local soil conditions, some drainage solutions may require professional help, but there are inexpensive remedies you can handle yourself, such as these:
Olshan Foundation Drainage Repair Memphis TN

  • Inspect and repair rain gutters and downspouts
  • Make sure that downspouts direct water away from your foundation
  • Inspect and replace sealing materials around openings that lead to your basement
  • Update sprinkler parts for landscaping near your foundation to prevent over watering
  • Improve the grading around your foundation so water drains away from the house

Do-it-yourself preventive measures work well for newer homes where you have an opportunity to stop water damage before it starts. Fortunately, there are also affordable solutions for homes where water damage is already underway.

Reputable basement and crawl space draining experts will give you a no-cost inspection and make recommendations based on your budget and the amount of water encroachment you’re experiencing.

In most cases, there will be a budget-friendly drainage option to restore your basement to like-new condition and keep it clean and dry.

Interior Drainage Remedies: French drains are a proven way to remove unwanted water from basements and crawl spaces. Most often, French drains consist of a small trench around the inside perimeter of your crawl space or basement lined with porous fabric, filled with washed gravel and a perforated pipe to draw water out of the space. Depending on the configuration of your property, low point drains may also be installed.

Exterior Drainage Remedies: French drains also work well for exterior applications. Alternate recommendations may include yard drains (or catch basins) with a drainage pipe that draws water away from your property, dry wells that collect water and allow it to seep into the earth naturally, or simple channel drains to keep puddles from forming. These options may be applied in combination where standing water is common.

Basement and Crawl Space Waterproofing Remedies: For moist climates like the Memphis region, full or partial waterproofing or encapsulation may be your best option. These engineered solutions permanently protect your basement or crawl space from unwanted water. These procedures use synthetic sheeting and sealing materials to permanently lock water out of your home. For more chronic cases, your waterproofing option may include dehumidification equipment or sump pumps that are sized and configured to automatically remove unwanted water and moisture as it occurs.

How to choose a professional drainage expert

If you suspect that water is entering your crawl space or basement and threatening your home, it’s important to get a professional evaluation as soon as possible.

These kinds of problems don’t go away by themselves and will only get worse over time. Fortunately, modern technology is on your side and you’re likely just an inspection away from an affordable solution.

Make sure that the foundation and drainage expert you call guarantees their work and offers payment plans for bigger jobs. Check references, especially with neighbors who may have worked with them before, and make sure they’re an established part of your community.

Olshan Foundation Solutions has been helping homeowners restore, protect the value, and extend the life of their property since 1933.

Our field crews have special expertise in drainage solutions.

We invite you to contact us for a free evaluation so that we can help you identify the cause of your water issues and help you choose the solution that’s best for you.

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Santiago and his Olshan crew arrived promptly and quickly explained the paperwork. David, Eliacar, Jose J., Ovioio, and Noel with their safety gear on, deployed their tools and started the job. Santiago or his team second were always available to answer any questions I had. The crew made the backbreaking work look effortless while they enjoyed working together. Santiago performed a successful drainage system test and I was given a crawl space tour to overview the finished product. Meanwhile the crew had everything cleaned up, packed up and ready for their next appointment. Well done!

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