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The foundation is, quite literally, the structural backbone of the home, so it’s imperative to solve minor issues in a timely manner before they turn into big expensive problems. Olshan has over 90 Years of experience with foundation repair, so Meridian homeowners can rest easy knowing their home is in the best possible hands.

Solutions For All Types Of Foundations

Crawl space foundation problem repaired in meridian, msEvery foundation type has different advantages and disadvantages. Basements offer more storage and more room in the home, yet can be prone to flooding and water damage. Crawl spaces lift a house up off the ground, but they’re also prone to flooding and can provide unwanted havens for animals and insects.

Slabs are the most common foundation type in Lauderdale County and throughout the South. According to Investopedia, they’re cost-effective and reduce the risk of flooding, but they’re also more prone to cracking. With the Mississippi yazoo clay soil being so prone to expansion and contraction, cracks in a slab foundation can be serious concerns for homeowners.

Clay Soil Doesn’t Have To Cause Costly Damage

One of Mississippi’s best-known geographical features is the yazoo clay soil found all across the state. It’s infamous for causing foundation issues; according to the Mississippi Business Journal, soil containing clay can expand and contract up to 38% due to moisture changes. While yazoo clay soil can present a whole world of headaches, Olshan’s experts and experience are ready to provide the perfect individualized solution for any home and any foundation type.

Know The Signs

chimney showing foundation damage in mississippiKnowing how foundation problems manifest themselves is critical to early detection. House Logic breaks down four basic signs of foundation damage:

  • Doors jamming or refusing to latch properly
  • Cracks in floors that have been laid over a concrete subfloor
  • Windows jamming or sticking when they previously opened and closed without issue
  • Wall cracks

While these are good starting points, it’s important to note that other the symptoms manifesting may not even seem to be related to foundation problems, which makes it even more imperative to be on the lookout. Lesser-known signs include:

  • Unusual musty odors coming from the basement or crawl space
  • Excess water pooling near a slab foundation
  • Sagging floors
  • Cracks in basement walls extending from floor to ceiling

Multiple Options To Fix Any Foundation

Since there’s no single one-size-fits-all solution for every home, Olshan offers numerous foundation repair solutions, all of which can be customized to suit an individual’s needs.

Our Hybrid Piling Repair Solution focuses on using both steel and concrete to enhance the depth and surface area of the support system: this repair goes deep and holds tough! It’s installed right under your home’s foundation without heavy equipment; it’s a good option for foundations built in difficult soil conditions. This repair option’s installation is usually completed in only one to two days and comes with an available warranty plan.

Olshan’s exclusive Cable Lock™ ST Plus System is a patented blend of multiple technologies that work together to form the best, most comprehensive foundation repair. The system seamlessly melds concrete pilings with penetrating steel locks, taking the strength of both to create a longer-lasting and more reliable solution. There’s no heavy equipment used, so your home life won’t be disrupted. The Cable Lock ST Plus System includes an available lifetime transferable warranty.

The best way to determine the right repair for your foundation is to consult the professionals at Olshan. Schedule a free, no-obligation Structural Assessment today.

How Does The Foundation Repair Process Work?

Olshan Foundation Repair - Jackson is HomeAdvisor Screened & ApprovedThe four-step process is one of care, diligence, and dedication from start to finish. Here’s what Meridian homeowners can expect from Olshan’s experts:

  • Worksite Preparation. The utmost care and professionalism will be on display as our technicians relocate any plants, create access holes, then put plywood over the holes to prevent accidents.
  • Driving the Pilings. Segments are inserted into the ground at pre-determined locations. The number, depth, and specifics differ based on the repair method.
  • The structural reactions are monitored by a trained professional. Spacers are inserted on concrete blocks for extra support.
  • Clean Up. Soil is replaced, plants are re-planted, your driveway is cleaned, and your home is left in pristine condition.

Don’t wait to fix your foundation problems. Choose the cost-effective and time-honored professionals at Olshan today!

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