Florida Foundation Repair

florida-foundation-repairIs your Florida home or business structure experiencing foundation problems? If so, you’re not alone! From Miami to Gainesville, Tallahassee to Tampa, the Sunshine State’s soil profile contains a number of elements that often lead to foundation damage. Add the humid, tropical climate to the mix, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for foundation problems! Luckily, Olshan Foundation Solutions has 90 Years of experience fixing foundations, and we understand the unique soil conditions that exist in Florida inside and out.

Florida Soil and Your Foundation

florida-foundation-problems Many Florida homes and businesses are built on top of soil that contains a high concentration of limestone. Limestone, a soft material formed from a mixture of clay and sand, contains pockets that fill with water when it rains. As such, limestone forms a geologically weak base or substructure. Accumulated rain and ground water erode away the limestone substructure, causing your foundation to shift and settle. Over time, this erosion can even lead to a worst-case scenario that every homeowner dreads: sinkholes. These holes generally start small, and then grow until the ground over the top actually caves in, causing structural damage to the buildings above.

Foundation Damage Warning Signs

Fortunately, potential sinkholes can be repaired and prevented. Look for these warning signs:

•    Cracks in exterior bricks and mortar
•    Cracks in interior drywall
•    Door and window frames that stick or have gaps
•    Sloping, uneven floors
•    Bowing basement or crawl space walls
•    Chimneys that pull away from the side of the house
•    Nails popping out of woodwork
•    Leaks or pooling water in a crawl space

Olshan Can Help

The foundation forms the support system for your home or business structure, so it’s essential to keep it in good shape. Nipping Florida foundation issues in the bud prevents it from spreading and causing serious damage. Don’t take a chance — call the professionals at Olshan Foundation Solutions when you notice the warning signs of foundation damage. Get in touch with our team today for a free estimate!


Thank you again, to all of the men involved with our repairs. And, thank you for being a company that we can trust and depend on when things go wrong around our home.

Ben & Cindy C., Livingston, TX