Managing Drainage Problems in Arkansas Homes

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Little Rock, Arkansas gets an average of more than 50 inches of annual rainfall, which is well over the typical national amount. Unfortunately, all that moisture can cause problems with the slab and crawl spaces foundations commonly found in Arkansas.

Seasonal weather cycles can be partially to blame, because they cause soil to expand or contract to coincide with moisture levels. However, tree roots, plumbing leaks, and poor drainage systems can also contribute to moisture-related foundation damage. In addition to structural and cosmetic foundation damage, issues may cause electrical-related dangers or interfere with the gas and water lines in your home.

Common Types of Foundations & Potential Issues

Crawl Spaces: Left exposed in warm weather, crawl spaces become humid, making them prone to mold growth and termite infestations. As hot air rises up and into the home from the crawl space, strange smells and humidity make their way up into the living space. Over time, crawl space issues can make the area dangerous and possibly even unusable. You may also notice symptoms such as buckling wood floors or cracked chimneys. If you are wondering if you need a full a crawl space encapsulation, our foundation experts can help.

Slab on Grade Foundations: With these types of foundations, relative humidity and rain can cause excessive moisture to pool near the foundation. You may also notice areas in your yard where the soil is consistently soggy.

What Happens if Moisture Problems Are Ignored?

Failing to quickly address moisture problems can leave you with structural integrity problems, as well as cosmetic faults. Over a long-term period, these can compromise the overall value of your home.

Drainage Solutions to Consider in the Arkansas region

Sump Pumps and Sump Pits: These drainage aids work together when installed in the lowest point of a crawl space. The small but efficient pump removes water that has flowed down into the sump pit courtesy of a drainage system, or just due to natural water migration. By quickly and consistently removing excess water, helping to prevent flooding.

Some sump pumps come with battery backup systems, so they keep working even if your power goes out.

French Drain Systems: These work via trenches that are filled with gravel and a four-inch perforated pipe. The system catches moisture and sends it away from your home. If you frequently notice wet areas in your yard after heavy rainfall or realize that the yard never seems to dry completely even after several sunny days, French drain systems can help.

Gravity Discharge Systems: Often suggested to homeowners as an alternative to sump pumps, gravity discharge systems rely on gravity to remove water. They tend to work well if you already naturally have a slope that leads away from your residence.

The Olshan Pipe & Rock Solution: Similar in design to the French drain system, this depends on crushed, pre-washed gravel and a three-inch corrugated pipe to help promote soil filtration. Polystyrene coating surrounds the corrugated pipe, safeguarding against problems related to water vapor.

The Olshan Drainage System: Our drainage system depends on a low-profile basin to prevent standing water issues, while reducing erosion and damage to the foundation. The drainage system is designed to promote good water flow, cutting down the likelihood of problems associated with insects and mold. This system also boasts clog-free operation, so you can consider it a great investment that will last over a long period of time.

The EZ Drain Plus System: This is an eco-friendly, simple-to-maintain, and streamlined choice that is a good alternative to conventional pipe and rock systems. It’s filled with geosynthetic rock aggregate with “flow channels” to increase available void space. Thanks to pre-assembled sections that link with internal couplings, you can rest assured of a tight fit.

Olshan is the Obvious Choice

When you contact Olshan to evaluate your drainage needs, you’ll get comprehensive expertise about each of the systems listed above. Our team is knowledgeable and committed to proposing a worthwhile solution that will preserve your home and prevent further foundation damage.

No matter which of these methods you choose, all of them come with available warranty programs that help you feel confident in their effectiveness and longevity. Contact us today and take an important step toward solving drainage problems at your Little Rock, Arkansas residence.