Crawl Space Encapsulation in Little Rock, AR

In Little Rock, Arkansas, many homes are built with crawlspaces instead of basements, and while these spaces are often forgotten or used as storage, they are a crucial component of a home’s foundation. Homeowners must understand that crawl spaces play a significant role in the structural integrity of their homes, as they are what a house is constructed upon. Neglecting the crawlspace can lead to problems such as high humidity levels, standing water, pest infestations, and structural damage, which can compromise the safety and comfort of the entire home and family. Therefore, it’s crucial to maintain the crawlspace regularly to prevent these issues and ensure the longevity of your home. The most important part of ensuring that a crawl space is properly functioning and maintained is to be cognizant of the warning signs of damage to the crawl space.


In homeowners in Little Rock, Arkansas should be aware of the importance of protecting their home from potential hazards like moisture and humidity. A crawl space is a crucial area that can have a significant impact on the safety and health of your entire home. At Olshan Foundation Solutions, we understand the importance of maintaining and encapsulating your crawl space to keep your home safe, healthy, and comfortable. With our skilled team and top-quality materials, we will help you create a barrier between your crawl space and the external elements, providing optimal protection and peace of mind. Let’s take a closer look at our professional crawl space encapsulation services.

What Is Crawl Space Encapsulation In Little Rock?

If you’re a homeowner in Little Rock, Arkansas, you may have a crawl space instead of a basement. While crawl spaces offer convenience and affordability during the building stages of a house, they can also pose a threat to your home’s structural integrity and your family’s health. Open vents in the crawl space can allow moisture and pests to enter your home, causing significant damage over time.

To address this problem, crawl space encapsulation has become a popular solution in Little Rock. Crawl space encapsulation involves covering and sealing the floors, walls, and sometimes the ceiling of your crawl space with heavy-duty polyethylene. This creates a barrier between the crawl space and the outside elements, reducing damage from moisture and preventing unwanted pests from entering your home.

The process of crawl space encapsulation is similar to the lining you’ll find in some home swimming pools, and the barrier is sealed with heavy-duty tape. In some cases, crawl space professionals may recommend adding a dehumidifier to keep moisture levels low. This can help improvecertified crawl space encapsulation specialist for Little Rock, AR the air quality in your home and prevent mold growth, making your home a safer and healthier place to live.

At Olshan Foundation Solutions in Little Rock, we offer professional crawl space encapsulation services. Our expert team uses high-quality materials to create a barrier between your crawl space and the outside elements, providing superior protection and peace of mind. Let us help you keep your home safe, healthy, and comfortable with our crawl space encapsulation services. Don’t wait until it’s too late – call us today to schedule an appointment and ensure the longevity of your home.

Signs That Crawl Space Encapsulation Is Necessary

For homeowners, it’s essential for them to keep an eye on their crawl spaces to prevent moisture problems that can cause significant damage to their foundation. Here are some warning signs that a crawl space may have moisture problems:

  1. Musty Odors – If you notice a musty smell in your house or crawl space that won’t go away, it may indicate that there is excess moisture in the air.
  2. Spongy Floors Or New Creaks – If your floors feel spongy to the step or develop new creaks, it may be due to the wood in your foundation being weakened by moisture.
  3. Powdery Or Foamy Spots On Wood – White, yellow, or brown spots that look powdery or foamy on wood foundation parts may indicate fungal growth caused by moisture.
  4. Damp Areas Or Standing Water – If you notice damp areas or standing water on your crawl space floors or near vents, joints, or utilities, it’s a sign that moisture is accumulating in your crawl space.
  5. Mineral Deposits Or Stains – If you see mineral deposits or stains on masonry that supports wooden parts of your foundation, it may indicate that water is penetrating through the walls.
  6. Wood Rot – Wood rot is a particularly insidious problem because it can go undetected for a long time in hard-to-reach places in your crawl space. It often starts in crevices where materials join, such as the seams between joists and subflooring material.

If a homeowner notices any of these warning signs, it’s important for them to have their crawl space inspected by a professional. They can help identify the source of the moisture problem and recommend the appropriate course of action to prevent further damage.

Olshan’s CrawlSafe™ Method Offers Crawl Space Damage Solutions

If you’re looking to improve indoor air quality and address moisture problems in your crawl space, Olshan Foundation Solution’s CrawlSafe™ encapsulation system is the perfect solution. The system includes several components that work together to keep your crawl space dry and protected:

  • SafeSeal™ Encapsulation Vapor Barrier – While a basic vapor barrier can help prevent some moisture intrusion, Olshan’s custom-fitted SafeSeal™ polyethylene liner provides complete protection against leaks and moisture.
  • SafeAdjust™ Support Columns – Moisture and foundation issues can cause wooden support beams to sag, but Olshan’s 11-gauge steel SafeAdjust™ support columns provide a long-lasting solution that can be adjusted over time to account for soil movement.
  • Water Removal Systems – Olshan’s water removal systems prevent water intrusion from saturated soil and other sources, whether from the perimeter or interior of your crawl space.
  • LumkerKote – This spray-on polymer seal safeguards your subfloor from wood rot and moisture, and helps prevent mold growth.
  • Crawl Space Dehumidifier Systems – Ventilation units improve air quality and prevent moisture accumulation and rising humidity in the enclosed space formed by the encapsulation liner.
  • Sump Pumps –  Sump pumps can be used to forcefully discharge water out and away from underneath your home.
  • Superior Installation Services – Olshan technicians are certified experts who have completed thousands of projects in Little Rock and the surrounding area. They ensure that every component of the crawl space encapsulation package is properly installed and backed by a warranty program.

Encapsulated crawl space.
If you’re dealing with musty smells in your crawl space, it’s time to invest in crawl space encapsulation. Olshan Foundation Solution’s CrawlSafe™ system can eliminate moisture problems, and if significant foundation damage is discovered during the initial inspection, Olshan technicians can recommend and implement solutions to address those problems as well. Olshan offers payment options for encapsulation systems to fit any budget, regardless of cost or installation needs. Don’t let budget concerns keep you from choosing a solution that will keep your crawl space protected and free from moisture.

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