Prepping for a Basement Remodeling Project

Basement Repair - Before and After
For weekend warriors that love home improvement projects there’s often no task more daunting than converting a dark, scary basement into a useful extension of the home. Basement restoration projects almost always start out positive. You begin by brainstorming the exciting things you plan to do with the space – convert it into a media room, game room, play area for the kids or even add a kitchen and bath so you can rent the space.

Then you venture down into the basement and reality sets in.

There are puddles of water on the ground, mold growing on the walls, strange smells and cracks on the walls. It can get so bad that people often ignore basement issues completely and develop an “”out of sight, out of mind” attitude.

But if left untreated, problems like these can escalate and begin to affect the overall health of your entire home. Fortunately, repairing and waterproofing a damaged basement is not only affordable, it can also help you to reclaim lost living space and add significant value to your home.

Types of Basement Water Problems

At Olshan, we have decades of foundation repair experience and specialize in basement waterproofing and recovery. We offer a variety of technologically advanced products and services designed to transform your basement into a clean, healthy environment your family can enjoy.

When it comes to basement issues, moisture is often the biggest enemy. Water intrusion can arise from a number of sources such as:

  • Cracks in walls or floors
  • Damaged plumbing
  • Improper interior or exterior drainage
  • Leaky windows or vents

Excess moisture in the basement can result in others problems, including:

  • Mold growth
  • Rodent or insect invasion
  • Unpleasant odors in the living areas of your home
  • Excessive humidity level
  • Standing water

Not only are these problems visually unappealing, but they can also be hazardous to your health and affect the value of your home.

Fixing Basement Water Intrusion

To help combat these problems, Olshan offers several methods of interior and exterior water management. Our Certified Structural Technicians are trained to carefully investigate the problems affecting your basement before developing a repair plan unique to your home.

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These are just a few of the basement solutions that we offer at Olshan. Additional services include :

  • Baseboard water channel installation
  • Exterior wall shield
  • Drainage and downspout extension
  • Sump pump installation and maintenance
  • Gravity discharge installation
  • Foundation and structural repair
  • Wall anchoring systems
  • Epoxy injections
  • Tree root barriers
  • Adjustable wall braces and carbon fiber strips
  • Dehumidifiers and air filters

Repair plans may differ depending on the source of your problems, floor type, wall type, landscaping and your own goals. Since water problems are often caused by structural damage, we assess the structural conditions of the basement. We also include an air quality assessment.

Select services are backed by an Available Lifetime Warranty and convenient payment plans are available to suit your needs. Schedule a free, no-obligation, Waterproofing, Structural and Air Quality assessment now.

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Aaron Goucher

Aaron is a Veteran and has been in the construction industry most of his life. He joined the Olshan Team in 2002 and has served as a Certified Structural Technician, Regional Manager and General Manager. Aaron is passionate about helping homeowners in the Midwest region stabilize, waterproof and protect their homes. You can usually spot Aaron on TV or podcasts, as local media outlets often feature his advice when it comes to structural & waterproofing issues.

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