Cable Lock Available Lifetime Transferable Warranty

The Cable Lockā„¢ ST Plus System is backed by an available Lifetime Transferable Warranty.


foundation repair warranty


Make the Right Choice for Your Home and Family

With more than seventy-five years of experience in foundation repair, we know choosing the right repair plan for your home and family is important to you.

At Olshan, we diagnose the current problem with your home and use industry standards for what is defined as a foundation problem as our guideline. With this information, we work with you to develop a repair plan that makes sense. Sometimes that is a comprehensive repair and other times it is solving the immediate problem at hand. Here, we have included three very different approaches to solving a foundation problem.

Three Different Approaches for Solving a Foundation Problem

  • Partial Exterior Underpin
    In this example the exterior of the left side, and part of the back of the home are covered against future settlement.

  • Exterior Underpin
    In this example the full perimeter of the home is covered under the warranty but interior settlement would not be covered.

  • Exterior and Interior Underpin
    In this example, the full perimeter and interior of the home is supported. If settlement occurs in the future, adjustments would be covered under warranty