Quick, clean and effective concrete lifting technology

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PolyLift™ is designed to raise sunken concrete structures in minutes with little-to-no-mess. PolyLift™ works on the following structures:

  • Concrete Slab Foundations
  • Basement Floors
  • Sidewalks
  • Streets
  • Patios, Porches & Sunrooms
  • Pools
  • Concrete Pads
  • And just about any type of Residential or Commercial Flatwork

A quick, clean, efficient and effective structural repair method

PolyLift™ is a long-lasting commercial structural repair solution that uses an environmentally safe, two-part Polyurethane mixture to gently and safely lift concrete structures. This repair can be performed on driveways, sidewalks, commercial buildings, offices, apartment complexes, town homes, condominiums, pools, storefronts, municipal streets and just about any type of flatwork.

PolyLift™ helps restore sagging, damaged or uneven concrete to near an as-built elevation in minutes, with minimal disruption to the structure or surrounding areas. This also enables business operations to continue without delay.

polyurethane injection hole

PolyLift™ Installation

The PolyLift™ installation process is easy on you and your structure.

First, small holes are made inside your home and a tiny port is driven into the concrete by a small team of 1-3 Certified Structural Technicians. Then we pump a Polyurethane mixture deep beneath the slab, filling the void between the soil and concrete – helping to stabilize the structure.

Every effort possible is made to keep the work space as clean and tidy as possible during the duration of the minimally invasive repair process. This repair is great for businesses that have structurally deficient concrete that are more susceptible to stress, or those looking for a cost-effective approach to leveling.

  • Minimal impact to structural integrity of slab
  • Installation can be completed in less than an hour in most cases
  • Warranty options available
  • Work area is cleaned and the small injection holes can be patched

PolyLift™ concrete leveling is faster, cleaner and more affordable compared to outdated mudjacking methods. It’s great for both Residential & Commercial applications. Estimates are 100% free.

Advantages of Polyurethane Concrete Lifting

  • Minimal Disruption. Surrounding landscape is left undisturbed.
  • Fast. Can often be completed in just a few minutes.
  • Easy Process. No large crews, loud noises or unsightly excavation.
  • Modern Approach. More affodable compared to outdated mudjacking methods.
  • Evironmentally Friendly. 39%-49% renewable and recycled materials.

How it Works

Before PolyLift™

1. Before PolyLift™

Uneven concrete is more than just an eyesore, it can also become a safety hazard. The good news is that the PolyLift™ installation process is easy on you and your structure.

During PolyLift™

2. During PolyLift™

A tiny ⅝” hole (about the size of a dime) is drilled through the slab into the subgrade. Then, an injection gun pumps the polyurethane material through the port and slab. Expansion of the material occurs within seconds, compressing loose soils and raising concrete.

During PolyLift™
During PolyLift™

3. During PolyLift™

Every effort possible is made to keep the work space as clean and tidy as possible during the duration of the repair. This makes PolyLift™ a great option for homeowners and businesses that want to avoid a messy worksite.

After PolyLift™

4. After PolyLift™

Concrete is gently lifted in minutes with little-to-no-mess. Then, our team patches and smooths the area. The process really is that easy.

After PolyLift™

Need a Lift? Stay on Solid Ground with PolyLift™

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Well, our foundation was repaired this week. It is AMAZING!!!!! Once they "jacked" it up you could immediately tell the difference! So cool! When you walk to that side of the house, you don't go downhill. Oh my goodness - what a HUGE difference. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

- Bev & Mike, Austin TX